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Content Creation 6 Content Marketing Myths for Entrepreneurs

Lots of content marketing myths float around the internet, gaining traction as they spread. If you listen to these myths, your return-on-investment, or ROI, will quickly decline. Separating fact from fiction helps you create great content as you build your company from the startup phase to the...

28 Mar 2017

Content Creation 9 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Game

Content marketing gets stale if you don’t find ways to keep your audience’s attention. Trying new types of content and increasing your existing content’s value can dramatically improve your return-on-investment. Try these nine slam-dunk strategies to boost your content marketing game. Incorporate Social Media Today, social media...

16 Feb 2017

Content Creation Creating a Diverse Content Marketing Strategy

Back in the good old days, blogging served as the primary vehicle for content marketing. That ship has sailed. Now you need a more diverse content marketing strategy if you hope to increase brand awareness and boost your sales. You have many options, depending on the type...

5 Jan 2017

Content Creation Do You Perform a Website Content Audit?

Many companies publish content to their websites, then never look at it again. They just keep publishing more information, oblivious to the pages and pages that already exist out there. Big mistake. Companies must do website content audits if they want the site to stay relevant. You...

29 Dec 2016

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