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Content Creation How To Make Your Content Marketing Budget Effective

When it comes to content production, your budget can make or break your success. If you spend too much on your content marketing, you could put your business in serious financial peril; alternatively, if you spend too little, you might lose market share to your competitors. How...

27 Oct 2016

Content Marketing Why Mobile Video Should Be Included in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re producing video for entertainment, education, or advertising, the footage must render perfectly on mobile devices, from the smallest smartphones to the largest tablets. If you’re not creating video or if you haven’t optimized your video for mobile, you might find yourself straggling behind the competition....

18 Oct 2016

Content Creation 7 Ways to Utilize Infographics In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Infographics have created quite a buzz in the content marketing sphere, and for good reason. They combine two compelling mediums — text and illustrations — to not only engage your audience, but to teach, entertain, or help them. If your infographic features well-written content and professional design,...

22 Sep 2016

Content Creation Exploring the Various Infographic Types

After you’ve decided to supplement your content marketing with an infographic, you must decide what information you want to convey and how best to deliver that information. The type of infographic you choose will depend on what you want to say to your audience. Following are some...

13 Sep 2016

Content Creation 6 Tips For Content Storytelling

There’s a reason Americans watch an average of five hours of television every day. It’s because people love to watch and listen to stories. Whether it’s a reality television show about people who embrace a unique culture or a police procedural drama that combines suspense with emotionally charged...

11 Aug 2016

Content Creation Twitter’s Influence on Marketing

Just 10 years ago, a tweet was the sound a small bird might emit, but today, tweeting carries a completely different connotation. Twitter doesn’t just provide a platform where users can rant about their political ideologies or post links to cheesy YouTube videos. It’s also a viable...

19 Jul 2016

Content Creation How To Create and Reuse Evergreen Digital Content

Just as spruce and fir trees stay vibrant and healthy long after you plant the first seeds, evergreen content retains its relevance years after you hit the “publish” button. Evergreen content is the work horse of the digital publishing world because it continues to drive traffic to...

3 Mar 2016

Content Creation 7 Reasons Why Infographics Get The Job Done

If you’ve never created infographics as part of your content marketing strategy, now is the time to start. Infographics offer a compelling new way to marry visual and text-based data. They’re scannable, engaging, and dynamic, which makes them an essential part of your marketing toolkit. If you’re...

11 Feb 2016

Content Creation The Anatomy of the Perfect Infographic

  Need the Perfect Infographic? You’ve come to the right place! Click to get started! Infographics aren’t only a content fad or trendy designation. They’ve become part of marketing culture. According to Eric Siu of Entrepreneur magazine, Google searches for infographics have increased by 800 percent over...

26 Jan 2016

Content Creation 25 Infographic Templates and Vector Kits to Help You Design Your Own Infographic

Many business owners have learned to create text-based content — a powerful strategy. However, incorporating other types of media into your content can help you attract more customers and encourage visitors to share your data. Writing for Forbes, SEO expert Jayson DeMers reports that 40 percent of the population reacts...

12 Jan 2016

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