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Author - Laura College

Email Drip Campaigns that Drive B2B Leads

Target and Arrow

Email drip campaigns can work extremely well for both B2C and B2B lead generation. However, if you’re marketing your product or service to a decision-maker at a company, you need […]

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How to Create the Right Visibility Strategy

Tech Tools

Brand visibility can have an enormous impact on your marketing strategy’s success. As visibility improves, more people recognize your brand. They become more likely to remember your business when they […]

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Video Marketing Optimization: What You Need To Know


You may already recognize the power of video content for marketing purposes. However, failing to optimize those videos for search, conversions, and brand awareness can deter you from meeting your […]

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6 Interesting Infographic Facts


Maybe you already create infographics for your audience. Alternatively, you might wonder whether infographics will perform well for your business. Either way, it helps to understand the psychology, best practices, […]

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6 Content Marketing Myths for Entrepreneurs

Lots of content marketing myths float around the internet, gaining traction as they spread. If you listen to these myths, your return-on-investment, or ROI, will quickly decline. Separating fact from […]

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Spring Cleaning Your Content Marketing Strategy

Few things feel better than a freshly cleaned house just as spring arrives. However, it’s not just the baseboards and the windows that need a good scrubbing. Your content marketing […]

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9 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Game

Content marketing gets stale if you don’t find ways to keep your audience’s attention. Trying new types of content and increasing your existing content’s value can dramatically improve your return-on-investment. […]

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The Art of Trend Jacking

Trend jacking is a term that sounds a bit nefarious, isn’t it? In reality, though, this practice shares nothing in common with illegal or even unethical actions. It’s a legitimate […]

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Creating a Diverse Content Marketing Strategy

Back in the good old days, blogging served as the primary vehicle for content marketing. That ship has sailed. Now you need a more diverse content marketing strategy if you […]

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Do You Perform a Website Content Audit?

Many companies publish content to their websites, then never look at it again. They just keep publishing more information, oblivious to the pages and pages that already exist out there. […]

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