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Author - Luke Salazar

Keeping Personal Bias Out of Your Written Content

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Being a content writer for hire has unique difficulties that aren’t typical of “normal” day jobs. There’s the pressure of deadlines, the constant struggle to come up with novel ways of saying things […]

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Under the Radar — Why Spellcheckers Sometimes Aren’t Enough

When’s the last time you dialed a phone number from memory? If you have a newer car, when’s the last time you actually used a key to unlock the door? […]

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Content: Why Some Things Are Just Not DIY-Appropriate

Innovation, ingenuity, and individuality are long-established hallmarks of a successful businessperson. Usually, doing things yourself is a critical component of this profile. When you need copy such as blog posts […]

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Creative Spotlight: How to Write a Cool Travel Blog for a City

So you’ve picked up a new assignment and are now tasked with writing a travel blog for a city. However, one minor problem exists. You’ve never been there! As a […]

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