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Search engines are vital to content marketing success
Content Why Search Engines Are the Core of Content Marketing

Content marketing relies heavily on the use of search engines to achieve its goals. Without sites like Google, your content could easily fall flat. However, search engines are reliant upon content creators as well, to provide their own customers with the online experience they’re after. Here are...

14 Nov 2018

Learn about on-page SEO
Content What is On-Page SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of driving quality traffic to your web page. Good SEO practices will draw more visitors to your site and help ensure that you’re connecting with the right audience. It’s not enough to get more clicks on your site if these...

4 Oct 2018

Follow these tips when performing a content audit.
Content 6 Tips for Completing a Content Audit

A content audit is a detailed inventory of all the content you have on your website. This audit typically takes place in the form of a spreadsheet which details the URL, word count, date, type, and metadata for each page. You will then pull relevant metrics, so...

2 Oct 2018

Graph showing percentages
Content Ultimate List of Infographic Graph Makers

Infographics present a collection of data visualizations in a meaningful way. Before you can begin putting together all the eye-catching design elements of the infographic, however, you must create your core collection of graphs, charts, and other data images. Fortunately, you don’t need an expensive suite of...

2 May 2018

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