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Author - Melissa Furreura

Blog Posts That Entice: The Anatomy of Great Blog Content

Anatomy of Human

Writing and maintaining a blog is a great way to attract customers that you can eventually convert to leads, then to buyers, and then hopefully to repeat customers. With many […]

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The Importance of Active Voice in Content

When writing marketing content, you may hear terms used such as active and passive voice. While you might have heard how vital active voice is for marketing content, you may […]

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Speak the Lingo: Defining Inbound Marketing Acronyms

In the world of inbound marketing, acronyms are used to not only abbreviate lengthy terms, but also to create a mnemonic system to help marketers and customers remember important aspects […]

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7 Reasons Your Company Needs a Content Plan

Computer and Paper

What is a Content Plan? Content marketing involves the creating and sharing of content that is meant to entice, engage, and entertain your prospective and current client base. These pieces […]

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