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Vector graphic showing the word efficiency with graphic logos surrounding a persons' hand; concept for resources for content managers.
Content 12 Nifty Resources to Make Content Managers More Effective

Every content manager can benefit from new efficiency techniques, because there’s never enough time in the day for someone managing creative teams. However, finding fresh resources can be a daunting, soul-sublimating task for people who are already bombarded with the written word in various forms 24/7. Here...

28 May 2020

Content Creation 8 Examples of Social Content That Worked

When it comes to the greatest hits of social content, most of us know them already. Whether or not you’re involved in social media you have probably upvoted a few listicles and shared a few hit videos. However, it’s a rare person who stops and asks why...

20 May 2013

Content Creation Improve Your Content’s ROI in 9 Steps

Getting a worthwhile return on investments is a matter of livelihood for content marketers and creators. If your team is struggling to provide results for clients, then it’s time to take the necessary steps to boost social traction. Here are a few simple steps to kick your ROI...

6 May 2013

Content Creation Formatting Cheat-Sheet for Exhausted Editors: From MLA to Chicago and Back

It’s late at night and you’ve already pulled four 12-hour shifts this week. Yet, six more articles are waiting in your inbox and all of them are due tomorrow morning. Unless you want to frustrate valuable clients and make your boss angry there’s no choice but to pull an...

8 Apr 2013

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