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Content Creation How to Create Titles You Can’t Wait to Write

As a writer there are times when title assignments can seem daunting or even worse—boring.  When a writer is bored by the title and description, the end result will be boring (or in the case of fantastic and assiduous writers it will be less amazing than it...

1 Apr 2013

Content Creation Develop Truly Evergreen Content for Faithful Clients

Evergreen content is everything. It’s the article your fifth grader reads before writing a report and it’s the hysterical bit you click on Facebook and end up sharing with family. When you think of evergreen content – SEO, analytics, work stress and busy mills of content writers...

4 Mar 2013

Content Creation How to Leverage Social Sites Like a Content King – Part 2

Content professionals must be savvy about the social sites they use on a daily basis in order to better understand the markets their clients want to reach. These sites offer invaluable opportunities to improve writing craft, marketing acumen, and to refine the subtle art of networking. Last...

25 Feb 2013

Content Creation How to Leverage Social Sites Like a Content King – Part 1

While there are countless social sites content writers and managers must know about and use infrequently, there are the so-called seven sisters that must be mastered. These ivy league-like social sites require careful attention, skill and a continual time investment in order to be leveraged for social...

11 Feb 2013

Content Creation How to Get Inspired by Clients’ Companies

  Today let’s focus on how to get inspired by any client, no matter what they do, even if you have ethical or moral objections to them. While those situations aren’t ideal, every professional will be faced by them at some point, so it’s wise to be...

14 Jan 2013

Content Creation Signs of a Project-Apocalypse: When to Re-Write the Strategy

  Knowing when to pronounce an idea or strategy ‘dead’ is much harder than Zarathustra made it seem. Many times there’s a fuzzy line between what’s working and what’s leaving the audience nonplussed. How can a content manager or client distinguish the line of necrotic strategies between...

7 Jan 2013

Content Creation A Guide for Content Managers With New Clients

  Content managers with new clients have a difficult task ahead of them: they must simultaneously produce excellent first articles while also getting to know the client well enough to craft pleasing prose. There are few clients who are willing to sit back and take questionnaires, answer...

17 Dec 2012

Content Creation Quality Over Quantity: How to Wrangle Freelance Writers’ Natural Abilities

  Freelance writers are as unique and special as snowflakes. That is, unless you don’t take the time to develop and nurture their individual skill sets, and then they’re about as unique as a bowl of Cornflakes. When a content manager takes on the role of talent...

10 Dec 2012

Content Creation Turning Visitors Into Friends: How to Earn Loyal Readers

  When a blogger starts writing for a new site, he or she indubitably hopes for a large readership of instant supporters and eventual friends. However, this can only be accomplished if the blogger is mindful of the readers, and not just of the content’s agenda. Via...

26 Nov 2012

Content Creation Learn How to Increase Your Readership

  Whenever there’s an issue with just one blogger, it can be an awkward problem to address. However, when you’re the person in question who isn’t driving readers to the blog, the issue can be disheartening. For guest bloggers and permanent team members who face low reader...

19 Nov 2012

three people at one laptop screen pointing
Content Creation Proper Etiquette for First-time Guest Posts

First-time guest bloggers have a lot to keep in mind while writing an introductory blog article. It’s easy to accidentally step on the toes of colleagues without realizing it, or to write something that doesn’t help the blog’s agenda. In order to meet the needs of the...

12 Nov 2012

Stock image of someone holding a pencil up to the word "trends" appearing overlayed; concept for social trends and memes.
Content Creation A Look at Social Trends and Memes

The history of memes is littered with corpses of dead jokes, tired graphics, and words that once inspired crazed fandom.  While a few people might be using narwhals, bacon Band-Aids, or zombie graphics like they’re still hot, most people move on from memes as soon as a...

5 Nov 2012

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