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Content Creation How to Use Content to Build Email Lists

Email addresses are precious. Those who share their address with others often do so, if not grudgingly, then knowing full well what they’re getting themselves into. Consumers are spammed with so many texts, emails, and phone calls that they’re now hesitant to give out contact information. Why...

25 Sep 2017

Content Creation How to Use Infographic Quizzes

It’s exciting to live in a time when technology is constantly evolving and the world is following steadily alongside. You’re likely old enough to have seen plenty of evolution in your time, from brick cell phones to smartphones, from bulky desktops to laptops lighter than a book....

20 Sep 2017

Content Creation How To Ensure Your Content Gets Views

You work hard on your content. Your writers slave away for hours to produce high-quality pieces and you’ve built your strategy using carefully selected research. So why isn’t your website getting the page views you need? Aren’t Internet users supposed to just flock to a top-notch website?...

8 Sep 2017

Content Creation 6 Brands That Rock at Content Marketing

You’ve always been taught to be your own brand of unique. Never copy someone else’s work. Keep your eyes on your own paper. Well, while that may have worked in grade school, it’s probably not the best philosophy in the marketing industry. When it comes to content...

5 Sep 2017

Content Creation Should You Care About Social Shares?

Social networks have completely changed the way we create and share content. It’s opened a new door to our audiences, providing a way to directly connect and relate with them. Prior to the social network boom, “sharing” your website occurred largely through word of mouth and email...

24 Aug 2017

Content Creation Handling Readers Offended By Your Content

Mama always said that you can’t please everyone. Back then, as a teenager, you probably rolled your eyes and went on trying to please everyone, but what mama said is true, and it becomes truer every day. Since content reaches such a wide audience in today’s era...

10 Aug 2017

Content Creation Say “No” to Keyword Cramming: How To Effectively Use Keywords

Think back for a moment to your college days. It might be painful, but we’ll only be there for a moment. Undoubtedly, you remember all those essays and papers that were such a struggle to write. Did you ever use buzzwords, i.e., words that you barely understood...

9 Aug 2017

Content Creation 4 International Video Marketing Tips

We all like to say it’s a “small world” when a friend knows a friend of a friend’s sister, but as a growing business, you’re probably quickly realizing just how massive the world actually is. Sure, we can book a flight to just about anywhere in the...

8 Aug 2017

Content Creation Why Tone Matters to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Effective brands communicate. In everything from color schemes, to videos, to copy, and more, the brand should keep things consistent, always communicating the brand’s message and capturing its essence. But deciding what to communicate is generally the easier part. How to do it is another story. How...

12 Jul 2017

Content Creation SEO Strategies That Don’t Work

In a rapidly changing world, we must be quick to adapt — otherwise, we’ll be left behind. Trends and tastes change at every corner, often leaving industries scrambling to keep up. Across all fields, the strategies that worked for decades just won’t have the effect they once...

6 Jul 2017

Content Creation Choosing an Infographic Style: Chain Reactions

If you’re new to the world of infographics, and even if you’ve been around the block a few times, you’ve probably realized there’s more variety to choose from than you previously thought. Finding the right infographic style can sometimes feel like shopping for a new car. They...

29 Jun 2017

Content Creation 3 Things Freelancers Need to Know about Your Audience

Think of the books, music, movies, television programs, or even political speeches that have resonated with you. They connected with you on an almost (or maybe completely) emotional level. They may have even motivated you to act on what you felt. Entertainers, writers, artists, and politicians only...

28 Apr 2017

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