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Author - Mandi Rogier

How to Use Keyword Juicer to Set and Track Content KPIs

Keyword Juicer Logo

Keyword Juicer is a software product that CopyPress has developed to meet a critical need for content marketers. Traditionally, ROI analysis has been based on linear keyword data, which fails […]

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Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Arizona

Arizona scene

A good digital marketing agency will give you all the benefits of a dedicated marketing team without the expense of maintaining this department in-house. When you’re choosing a digital marketing […]

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Ultimate List of Infographic Graph Makers

Graph showing percentages

Infographics present a collection of data visualizations in a meaningful way. Before you can begin putting together all the eye-catching design elements of the infographic, however, you must create your […]

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Good Press Writing Examples in the Age of Oversaturation

Person typing

It takes only a quick Google search to see that the internet is oversaturated with information on nearly every conceivable topic. Creating fresh press writing in an area where it […]

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How Circle Graph Charts Can Make Your Content Pop

Circle Graph

The online space is overflowing with content, so it’s critical for modern marketers to make their pieces pop. One way to keep your content sharp and engaging is to incorporate […]

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The New Length of Meta Descriptions

Computer and keyboard

In a never-ending effort to improve search engine results for its users, Google has recently adjusted the length of page descriptions or “snippets.” This has increased the potential character limit […]

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How to Build A Brand Community


Today’s customers are increasingly aware of the inauthentic sheen covering most advertising campaigns. They’re on the hunt for reliable sources that connect them to companies they buy from. Personal recommendations, […]

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Ideation Mistakes to Avoid


Ideating for your content is one of the first steps toward filling your blog, email newsletter, and social space with valuable pieces. There are countless approaches that you can take […]

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How to Show Data in Infographics

To create a successful infographic, you must utilize clear and engaging visualizations for your data. Collecting your information is only a small part of infographic production. Follow these tips to […]

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How to Rank Higher on Google

Computer upload

Page rankings are a constant concern for online marketers. Audiences simply can’t find your content if it’s not returned in a Google search using relevant keywords. While there are many […]

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