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Author - Morgan Simpson

Should You Hire or Outsource Content Creation?

outsource inhouse

With content marketing becoming an integral part of marketing campaigns, companies are struggling with how to meet this need. It often comes down to two choices; do we create our own […]

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Why Global Companies Should Connect to their Local Communities

At CopyPress, we are privileged to work with clients all over the globe; however, this can sometimes make us lose touch with our home city of Tampa. Many companies that […]

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How Brands Had to Approach Sochi Differently

While the world sets its sights on Sochi to watch athletes chase their dreams, brands set their sights on capitalizing on the winter games. Countless brands tout their sponsorships, and […]

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Update: Snapchat Gives the Bare Minimum Required for an Apology

When the Snapchat hack initially occurred, the CEO and management didn’t apologize for the breach that caused 4.6 million users to have their phone numbers and Snapchat ID’s go public. […]

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Sorry I’m not Sorry. When is an Apology Really Necessary?

Not all corporate apologies are created equal, but when are apologies even necessary? It is the habit of the American public to expect an apology, regardless of the seriousness of […]

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There’s No Such Thing as a Part-Time Endorsement Deal

One of the most tried and true marketing and advertisement tactics is the involvement of a celebrity spokesperson. What used to be a simple, “keep your face next to the […]

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Non-Sexy Brands are Getting Sexy

“Sex sells” That is one of the most worn-out phrases in advertising. Many brands that sell products like alcohol, undergarments, fragrances, and cars have become synonymous with sexy ad campaigns. […]

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Transitioning Your Social Media from Personal to Professional

As many young professionals enter the work force, they are faced with a seemingly minor issue: how to transition their social media accounts from personal to professional. I say seemingly […]

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Five Lessons for Female Marketers

After reading PR Daily’s now infamous “12 Things PR Women Can’t Live Without” article I started thinking about what it takes as a woman in the PR/Marketing industry and what […]

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What Content Moves to the Front of the Line?

Picture yourself in line at the hottest new night club in Hollywood.  There is a line down the block and a big beefy doorman. You see Mike “The Situation” walk […]

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