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Author - Megan Tilley

6 Things Forgotten in SEO Optimization

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Search engine optimization goes beyond choosing your keywords and scattering them throughout the content. Solid SEO is about smart placement of your most important words and phrases so search engines […]

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Content Marketing Completes the SEO Puzzle

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Content marketing and SEO are often approached as two separate departments or skills. If you segregate these two entities, you’ll find that your content performance tends to fall just short […]

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How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Brand

Phone and Coffee

In 2016, Instagram launched its now super-popular Stories feature. These videos and images are only available for 24 hours and feature multiple photos and recordings that can also connect to […]

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Personalization from a Distance: Crafting an Online Service Approach


As online and digital marketing strategies become the most popular ways to reach a broad audience, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to tailor content to a specific audience or group. Throughout […]

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Stick the Landing: How to Craft a Compelling Landing Page


Building a website is a lot of work. Besides buying the domain name and getting the initial layout complete, making sure that your website will drive customer interest is a […]

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Examples of Content Marketing Done Right

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Driven by the rise of digital media as the main form of content consumption, content marketing has quickly become one of the most commonly used, and most effective, forms of […]

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Linguistic Labyrinths: Why Simple Language Sells


Language is the building blocks of any effective copy or marketing strategy. While there is rightfully a large focus on content when planning out strategies, language can make or break […]

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Content vs Marketing: What YouTube’s New Paid Contributor Guidelines Mean

YouTube has been the largest online video platform for a long time. Beginning in 2005, this massive platform has been hosting videos on every topic under the sun. As the […]

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5 Things To Consider When Delegating for Major Projects

Baton Trade off

Learning to effectively manage projects is an incredibly important skill, especially when working toward a whole new marketing strategy or even updating the existing plan. Whether you have a small […]

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Get Organized: How To Use Gantt Charts to Plan Your Next Campaign

Starting a project can be intimidating; keeping it on track is even more difficult. Whether it’s a creative project or extensive campaign, project management is crucial to the success of […]

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