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Author - Megan Tilley

Working from a Distance: How to Handle Effective Online Business Communication

Online business communication

The modern business structure is changing. Where before, businesses housed most, if not all, of their employees in one space, contract and distance employees are now slowly but surely dissolving […]

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Social Mea Culpas: Why Your Online Reputation Matters


Reputation has always mattered in business. Whether relayed via word of mouth, printed reviews, or online, a business’ success has always been at least partially reliant on their reputation and […]

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Digital Influence: How Online Influences Are Driving Instagram Marketing

Arrows pointing up

Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular media sites to date. Almost entirely image-based, this site has grown to include a sizable population of “influencers.” These users […]

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Minimalism as Branding: How Less Can Be More


Minimalism can be seen in nearly every corner of the market. Sleek, subtle, and carefully crafted, minimalist branding has gained traction as one of the most popular design schemas today. […]

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6 Things Forgotten in SEO Optimization

Computer Screen

Search engine optimization goes beyond choosing your keywords and scattering them throughout the content. Solid SEO is about smart placement of your most important words and phrases so search engines […]

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Content Marketing Completes the SEO Puzzle

Puzzle Piece

Content marketing and SEO are often approached as two separate departments or skills. If you segregate these two entities, you’ll find that your content performance tends to fall just short […]

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How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Brand

Phone and Coffee

In 2016, Instagram launched its now super-popular Stories feature. These videos and images are only available for 24 hours and feature multiple photos and recordings that can also connect to […]

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Personalization from a Distance: Crafting an Online Service Approach


As online and digital marketing strategies become the most popular ways to reach a broad audience, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to tailor content to a specific audience or group. Throughout […]

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Stick the Landing: How to Craft a Compelling Landing Page


Building a website is a lot of work. Besides buying the domain name and getting the initial layout complete, making sure that your website will drive customer interest is a […]

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Examples of Content Marketing Done Right

Check mark

Driven by the rise of digital media as the main form of content consumption, content marketing has quickly become one of the most commonly used, and most effective, forms of […]

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