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Author - Michael Walton

Why Video Is A Must-Have in Your Content Strategy

Play Button on Computer

We’re deep into 2018, and the predictions made several years ago about video content’s potential have come true and then some. A greater portion of online traffic is coming from […]

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4 Ways to Turn Content Into an Experience


The best books and movies make you forget that you’re reading or sitting in a dark theater. They draw you into an experience where you become part of the scene […]

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Why Is Your Content Not Performing Well?

5 Stars

It’s the greatest vexation a content marketer can face: No matter how much content they release and how many things they try, nothing is earning worthwhile returns. If you’re not […]

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How to Make Content Pop with Pop Culture

Pop Banner

Pop culture reaches almost everyone in some way. You may never have played Pokemon Go and you may not care who died in the latest Marvel movie, but your audience […]

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Content for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Diagram of Buyer Journey

Is your content divided into types that appeal to various customers and their degrees of familiarity with you? Most customers go through a series of three steps leading up to […]

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4 Instagram Marketing Tips for a Successful Campaign

Cell Phone and Signs

Social media has exploded into a marketing superpower. Brands now use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more to deliver quality content to their audiences, build connections, and further establish a powerhouse […]

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How to Create A Content Strategy in 5 Steps

Office Supplies

How often do you Google something on your smartphone? Maybe your know-it-all co-worker just challenged something you absolutely know is true, or maybe you have a pressing question that you […]

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The Power of Narrative: How to Use Stories in Your Content Marketing


Content marketing is about making connections. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in improving profits and stimulating growth in our business that we forget what leads to both of those […]

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Top 50 Free Infographic Vectors

Food and Transportation

With the improvements in digital technologies has come the ability to give visual representation to complex ideas. One of the most effective visual representations in the marketing sphere is the […]

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Optimizing Images in Content for Google Image Search

Writing on a Tablet

Images can bring life to an otherwise visually drab piece of content. More often than many marketers realize, images can also draw users to their website. In fact, research reveals […]

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