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Author - Michael Walton

Know the Lingo: 11 Key Content Marketing Terms

Are you ready to improve your ROI with optimized SEO built on productive alt-tags, backlinks, and dynamic content? Did your eyes glaze over halfway through that sentence? Don’t worry. As […]

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5 Creative Ways to Utilize Social Media Live Video

Creative ways for social media live video

Live video streaming hasn’t been around very long, but it’s already hard to imagine social media without it. Gamers stream their video game sessions on Twitch, celebrities make announcements on […]

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Find Your Voice: The Importance of Voice and Tone in Content

Voice and tone is important aspects of successful content.

Many of us can recognize an Old Spice commercial within a few seconds. The body care brand has established a distinctive voice and tone that applies to everything from its […]

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How to Supplement Your Content with Links

You’ve heard about how a good image can be the cherry-on-top to already high-quality content. You know that keywords will earn your page a higher Google ranking. But did you […]

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Google Algorithm: Everything You Need to Know

Open a new tab, go to Google, and type in the core subject around which your business revolves (e.g., “travel in Washington state”). Go ahead; I’ll wait. Can you find […]

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4 Examples of Content Marketing Campaigns and What Makes Them Tick

While there’s been plenty written on what makes great content marketing, there isn’t a foolproof formula that will lead brands to monumental ROI and all the conversions they could dream […]

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4 Ways to Turn Content Into an Experience


The best books and movies make you forget that you’re reading or sitting in a dark theater. They draw you into an experience where you become part of the scene […]

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How to Make Content Pop with Pop Culture

Pop Banner

Pop culture reaches almost everyone in some way. You may never have played Pokemon Go and you may not care who died in the latest Marvel movie, but your audience […]

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4 Instagram Marketing Tips for a Successful Campaign

Cell Phone and Signs

Social media has exploded into a marketing superpower. Brands now use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more to deliver quality content to their audiences, build connections, and further establish a powerhouse […]

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How to Create A Content Strategy in 5 Steps

Office Supplies

How often do you Google something on your smartphone? Maybe your know-it-all co-worker just challenged something you absolutely know is true, or maybe you have a pressing question that you […]

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