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Author - Nicki Porter

Taking Pride in Your Words: Creating Content that People Care About

The writing industry is entirely too hung up on words.

Word counts. Keywords. Wordsmiths. The attraction is a natural one– after all, words are our tools of the trade. Without them, we’d be nothing, right?


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CopyPress March Madness: The Ultimate Champion Is…

You’ve made your voices heard: we’re pleased to announce the first-ever winner of our CopyPress March Madness series is none other than… LISA BARONE! Barone started her road to victory […]

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CopyPress March Madness: Championship Round

We’ve tallied your votes and the results are in!

After two exciting rounds, our final would-be champions are…

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CopyPress March Madness: Final Four

Welcome to the second round of CopyPress’s first-ever March Madness series! We’ve tallied your votes from our Elite 8 round and we’re now ready to reveal the winners you chose!

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Introducing CopyPress March Madness: Elite 8


We’re so excited to kick off CopyPress’s inaugural March Madness Tournament! Throughout the series, we’ll be pairing up two legendary industry bloggers in an epic blogging battle to the death….

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How to Write Right for You

Vincent Price. James Earl Jones. Gilbert Gottfried.

If you heard audio clips of those three men speaking, you’d be able to identify them in an instant. These actors all have signature voices– and good writers work in the same way.

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The World of Content Marketing is About to Change: Can Your Company Keep Up?

The Content Marketing Institute recently asked nine leading experts to predict the future of content marketing in 2015. The results were predictable: experts talked about the rise of mobile publishing, an increased focus on video, and the power of real-time content.

Yet the article pointed to a looming trend on the content marketing horizon, a shifting focus from the blanket “Content is King” mantra. Unless we start embracing relevant, measured content, the King is about to be dethroned.

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What Is Your Content Conversion Rate? 9 Ways to Measure Your Content’s Success

What is your content conversion rate?
That’s the search phrase that sent someone to the CopyPress site recently. At first glance, it’s easy to shrug it off — more has been written about conversion rates and ROI in the past few years than we could ever cover, right?

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Romancing Content Marketing: How 5 Leading Retailers Embraced Targeted Content Strategies for Valentine’s

Readers, I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed looked like a war zone this morning.

I saw your standard swooning declarations of love (these past three weeks with you have felt like a lifetime, my sun-and-stars). I saw angsty anti-Valentine rants that made the Inquisition look like a small crime compared to the apparent horrors of V-Day.

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How to Get 20,000 People to Talk About You on Facebook

Chances are, you curate content every day without even realizing it — when you tweet a link, share a funny photo on Facebook, or when you pin a pair of […]

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