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Author - Pamela Kock

Get Inspired: Where to Find Content Ideas

If you’ve found yourself staring at a blank document too many times, you know how tough it is to come up with new content ideas for a blog or website. […]

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How to Improve Your Email Newsletter

Computer and Emails

Out of the many ways you can market your business, email newsletters are one of the most effective. They can seem a bit antiquated compared to other methods of getting […]

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Sponsored Content vs. Native Advertising: What Is the Difference?

Computers and People

Marketers have many options when it comes to online advertising. The two basic methods of ad placement on websites are sponsored content and native advertising. They have much in common, […]

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How You Can Add Short-Form Video to Your Content Strategy

Computer Monitor

Video content has become increasingly popular thanks to improvements in technology, data speeds, and unlimited data plans. Not only is video content entertaining, but it’s also a powerful marketing tool […]

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