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Author - Renayle Fink

Why Using the Cloud Makes Your Content Marketing Better


Over the last few years, content marketing has grown tremendously. Now over 88 percent of business use content marketing for their business, and 90 percent of consumers like content curated […]

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9 Things to Look for in Content Marketing in 2018

Girl Jumping to 2018

Welcome to another year! Everyone is back from vacation, and ready to tackle the content marketing world in 2018. There are many changes happening, with content marketing and here you’ll […]

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The 10-Step Blog Checklist


You know it’s important to have a blog on your website to connect with your target audience. It keeps them up to date while your website ranks high with search […]

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10 Ways to Create Content During a Vacation

You’ve worked hard to build your website from the ground up. The number of visitors grows everyday, and engagement across your social media platforms looks good. After all the hours […]

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5 Real World Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Companies rely on content marketing to reach an audience and be able to sell products to potential customers. Unfortunately, some of them made mistakes in their marketing and these are […]

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7 Ways to Create Content without a Blog

As companies grow, attracting and keeping customers is crucial. The biggest way to that is to create content. However, a company can’t put up anything and think it will stick. […]

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Creative Spotlight: Your Freelance Horoscope for 2017

You see those horoscope forecasts that tell you what your year looks like based on what astrological sign you were born under. Normally, you’d pass them up, but think again. […]

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Creative Spotlight: How to Find the Right Freelancer for Your Company: 7 Tips for Businesses

Whether you are a startup getting off the ground or a seasoned business, one of the toughest tasks for a company is to find someone to create content. To lessen […]

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