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Author - Shane Hall

How to Get More Out of Your SEO

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From social media-supported content marketing campaigns to organic website visits, SEO is the system that irrigates each of your business’s traffic-based online goals. Sadly, SEO is such a popular topic, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Being a Content Marketer That Wins

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It’s probably safe to assume that when it comes to content marketing, you aren’t satisfied with “making it work,” “earning a profit,” “getting a good return on investment,” or any […]

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How to Be More Consistent With Your Content Marketing


If you’re chasing after the perfect blog post or e-book to get you ten thousand email subscribers, we recommend changing your expectations to something more long-term, based on posting frequent […]

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SEO Copywriting Rates: What to Think About When Hiring Quality Writers

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Your online business presence needs to be a lighthouse in the churning sea of online information, attracting potential customers and clients. SEO (search engine optimization) makes that lighthouse brighter than […]

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Get Your Content Seen By Mastering Social Media Cards

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One of the relatively new strategies content marketers are using to get noticed is social media cards, a special form of customization for social media posts linking to your webpages, […]

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7 Types of Traffic and How to Optimize It

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No business can stay afloat, let alone grow, without traffic, but the concept is such a grand piece of online marketing that it’s best to divide it into multiple topics. […]

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The Mobile Revolution: Video Content


Today, more than half of all videos watched online are viewed on a mobile device. Mobile traffic shows no signs of slowing down, and the same goes for video traffic. […]

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4 Crucial Steps To Bounce Back Against A Damaged Reputation

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Information spreads so quickly, especially online, that one botched public moment or exposed mistake can quickly escalate and pile into a mountain of controversy. When a business’ reputation takes a […]

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The Importance of Visual Content Marketing Strategy


What sort of digital media should you employ in your content marketing strategy? The answer depends on the sort of business and brand you are promoting and what your audience […]

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Maximize Your Content Marketing Cost Efficiency With These 5 Rules

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In the content marketing game, each business has its own circumstances, budget, and goals in regards to creating content and bringing in a return. After enough experience and scaling, though, […]

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