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Author - Shane Hall

Instagram for Local Business Marketing

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Social media marketing might seem like it’s better suited to national and international businesses, but social media makes it incredibly easy to advertise to local customers. Instagram is one of […]

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Always Study Your Competitor’s Content, But Don’t Copy It

Woman and Lightbulb

Content marketing, particularly in a competitive niche, is all about what is working well for your competitors and how you can use similar ideas, concepts, and strategies. However, instead of […]

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How Gamification Can Supercharge Your Content and Audience Engagement

Computer Game Icons

Gamification is the implementation of game-like elements into something where it otherwise wouldn’t be expected or common. Content marketing campaigns can benefit from gamification when done well, but it’s a […]

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4 Secrets to Crafting The Perfect Brand Story


Brands will have more difficulty coming across as genuine and building a human connection in their content marketing if they don’t have a logical, relatable backstory. Simply outlining what your […]

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Technical Writing Cheat Sheet


Businesses entering the content marketing game experience a trickier adjustment period than others, due to the technical nature of their industry and customer needs. Technical writing is an entirely separate […]

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What to Do When You Get Negative Google Business Reviews

5 Stars

When someone types your business name into Google, you want the little profile that shows up to have as high a star rating as possible. Unfortunately, Google reviews can be […]

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The Importance of Title Tags

Person Looking at Computer Screen

Title tags are a relatively small side of content marketing and SEO, but they have an echoing effect on many parts of your website visibility. If you’re not clear on […]

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What Is Reverse SEO And Is It Ethical?

People holding Microphones

Online content marketing and SEO are great ways for a business to get more attention, but not every SEO tactic is ethical or worth the effort. Somewhere in the middle […]

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How to Get More Out of Your SEO Strategies

Computer, Laptop and Phone

From social media-supported content marketing campaigns to organic website visits, SEO is the system that irrigates each of your business’s traffic-based online goals. Sadly, SEO is such a popular topic, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Being a Content Marketer That Wins

Puzzle PIece

It’s probably safe to assume that when it comes to content marketing, you aren’t satisfied with “making it work,” “earning a profit,” “getting a good return on investment,” or any […]

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