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Author - Shane Hall

6 Tips for a High-Performing Live Video Broadcast

Live Video Content Tips

Live video, also known as livestreaming, is the act of broadcasting live over the internet to viewers who tune in and watch in real time from a hosting website. Live […]

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How to Make Your Infographics Mobile Friendly

Learn how to make your infographics mobile friendly

Mobile has become a wildly thriving source of traffic over the past few years, and naturally, everyone is trying to optimize everything from websites to blog content for mobile devices […]

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How to Clean Up Thin Content

Thin content refers to content with little or no value to a website visitor, including redirect pages, doorway pages, or general poor-quality, unhelpful articles or content. If you have thin […]

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How to Create Your Digital Media Style Guide

If your content marketing campaign doesn’t have a style guide, you’re setting yourself up for frustration and underwhelming results. Style guides allow your brand, content appeal, quality level, and other […]

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How to Increase User Page Duration

Computer Desk

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the greater chance they have of clicking links, visiting landing pages, and accepting offers. You may have already optimized your website in […]

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Mobile First Marketing Tips

Phones in Hands

Since 2016, mobile advertising has been the majority of all online promotion, which comes from an equivalent growth in mobile users. Most businesses will see a boost in their content […]

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5 Common Misunderstandings That Can Sabotage Your SEO

Overcome these common misunderstandings that sabotage your SEO strategy

SEO (search engine optimization) can be an intriguing, exciting, and rewarding addition to your online content marketing. For many businesses, it cannot be ignored. The ability to draw in your […]

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Instagram for Local Business Marketing

Phones and Instagram Icon

Social media marketing might seem like it’s better suited to national and international businesses, but social media makes it incredibly easy to advertise to local customers. Instagram is one of […]

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Why Video Is A Must-Have in Your Content Strategy

Play Button on Computer

We’re deep into 2018, and the predictions made several years ago about video content’s potential have come true and then some. A greater portion of online traffic is coming from […]

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Why Is Your Content Not Performing Well?

5 Stars

It’s the greatest vexation a content marketer can face: No matter how much content they release and how many things they try, nothing is earning worthwhile returns. If you’re not […]

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