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Increase audience engagement with your content.
Content Which Type of Content Will Most Improve Your Audience Engagement?

Many businesses jump into the content marketing world, but few get past one of the most basic yet important steps: figuring out what content to create. The natural answer is whatever type will bring more audience engagement, inspiring social shares and other useful sources of growth. Take...

3 Oct 2018

Learn how to transform your brand into your resource.
Content How to Transform Your Brand Into a Resource

You can track success in content marketing in different ways. People can support your business by regularly buying products or services after discovering you through your content. Other people will like your content enough to support you on social media, which can garner more traffic. However, what...

2 Oct 2018

Relationship Marketing
Content What Is Relationship Marketing?

In the flurry of different ways to market and promote your business, you may have heard the term “relationship marketing.” Described in one sentence, relationship marketing is about connecting with customers beyond the bare minimum to achieve revenue. It involves a warmer and friendlier approach that forms...

26 Sep 2018

Phones in Hands
Content Mobile First Marketing Tips

Since 2016, mobile advertising has been the majority of all online promotion, which comes from an equivalent growth in mobile users. Most businesses will see a boost in their content marketing results if they target mobile users first or exclusively. However, it’s not as simple as changing...

12 Sep 2018

Overcome these common misunderstandings that sabotage your SEO strategy
Content 5 Common Misunderstandings That Can Sabotage Your SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) can be an intriguing, exciting, and rewarding addition to your online content marketing. For many businesses, it cannot be ignored. The ability to draw in your ideal customers based on what they’re looking for is what makes the difference between visibility and obscurity....

11 Sep 2018

Content Technical Writing Cheat Sheet

Businesses entering the content marketing game experience a trickier adjustment period than others, due to the technical nature of their industry and customer needs. Technical writing is an entirely separate skill from the more common persuasive or creative styles used in online content, but it shouldn’t be...

3 Sep 2018

Are you frustrated with content marketing?
Content Ready to Give Up Content Marketing? Read This First

As with anything in the business world, content marketing has a minority of success stories. If the content marketing game has proven frustrating and become a net loss to your business, take a break and study our tips and bits of wisdom below. Each point is especially...

29 Aug 2018

Content How to Be More Consistent With Your Content Marketing

If you’re chasing after the perfect blog post or e-book to get you ten thousand email subscribers, we recommend changing your expectations to something more long-term, based on posting frequent content to attract fans. It’s those gradually collected people who anticipate every new piece, tell friends, and...

27 Aug 2018

Computer Game Icons
Content How Gamification Can Supercharge Your Content and Audience Engagement

Gamification is the implementation of game-like elements into something where it otherwise wouldn’t be expected or common. Content marketing campaigns can benefit from gamification when done well, but it’s a foreign topic for many people. It’s not as complicated as it might seem, however, so take a...

22 Jun 2018

Content 4 Secrets to Crafting The Perfect Brand Story

Brands will have more difficulty coming across as genuine and building a human connection in their content marketing if they don’t have a logical, relatable backstory. Simply outlining what your business does on an about page doesn’t really cut it. There’s a lot of opportunity available to...

20 Jun 2018

Puzzle PIece
Content The Ultimate Guide to Being a Content Marketer That Wins

It’s probably safe to assume that when it comes to content marketing, you aren’t satisfied with “making it work,” “earning a profit,” “getting a good return on investment,” or any other milquetoast achievements. You want to ease into the content marketing party fashionably late and better dressed...

14 May 2018

Computer and Coins
Content How To Maximize Your Content Marketing Cost Efficiency

In the content marketing game, each business has its own circumstances, budget, and goals in regards to creating content and bringing in a return. After enough experience and scaling, though, any business reaches a point where there is no need to expand the scope of its content...

21 Mar 2018

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