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Content Creation Do You Have to Manipulate to Sell?

People often associate sales and marketing with manipulation. Truth be told, many marketing and sales tactics are manipulative. It’s not even hard to find industry resources that show awareness of using manipulation and then justify it. It’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced a sales or...

11 Jul 2018

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Content Creation How to Boost Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel With Video

There’s a reason you’ve been seeing more videos over time when you scroll through your Facebook feed. Video content gets results. A study found a 135 percent boost in organic reach with Facebook posts that include a video rather than a photo. Video doesn’t need to be the only...

10 Apr 2018

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Content Creation Get Executives To Buy Into Your Content Strategy

Through blogs, social media, video and other forms of content, your company will be able to reach new people who are looking for your products or services. You can help your audience understand their problems and solutions while showing them how your company and its offerings are...

29 Mar 2018

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