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Author - Scott Koppinger

Your Brand’s Voice: Why It Matters and 10 Questions to Help Develop It

The voice of a brand is very important when trying to communicate who you are to your sought after audience. The company’s voice and tone permeates all facets of the […]

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Four News Sites That Are Starting to Look Like BuzzFeed

Ahh BuzzFeed, everyone’s favorite time-wasting site. It’s full of funny gifs of cats and dogs, as well as lists about oddly specific topics that can be fun and interesting if […]

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The Emotions of Industries — What Should You Use?

Different industries need to portray different emotions to their consumers in order to get them to act, to purchase, and to consume. They can play off your fears, or play […]

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When Core Values Translate Into Sales

The old adage says the customer is always right, and that’s a phrase modern businesses have been built on. However, social media has upped the ante with customer service, leading […]

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Cup of Copy: Pets on Facebook

The Argument For Social Media Pet Profiles That’s right, I’m debating the merits of making a profile for your pet. A profile that you’ll insist they made  by themselves while […]

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Cup of Copy: Political Correctness

As a culture and a nation, we’ve been sacrificing common sense for sensitivity to the point of detrimental absurdity. We’re rewarding mediocrity and downplaying success and achievement in the name […]

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Tiling: The Latest in Tech Design

Tiles have been around for thousands of years, covering our floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. There must be something instinctively appealing about them to us humans – especially now that […]

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