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Author - Sharon Therien

Is Your Content Alienating Your Audience?

Content alienating your audience

Content gives you a great way to connect with your audience. It can help you increase your audience, provide value, create engagement, and earn other benefits. But it has to […]

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Making Complex Topics Digestible for a Mainstream Audience

How to make complex topics digestible

All too often, internet content can make the reader’s eyes glaze over because it’s too complex. Unfortunately, content like this can turn away your audience. While complex or technical content […]

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Should You Avoid Text in Favor of Visual Content?

Eye and Screens

You can easily find discussions about the death of text content because of video and other forms of visual content. There’s no question that people are currently showing a preference […]

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Do You Have to Manipulate to Sell?

Computer and Checklist

People often associate sales and marketing with manipulation. Truth be told, many marketing and sales tactics are manipulative. It’s not even hard to find industry resources that show awareness of […]

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Do SEO Keywords Need to be Exact in Content?

Computer, Magnifying Glass, Graph

Considering that SEO rules are generally just guesses, and that Google’s process constantly changes, let’s just say it’s hard to keep up. One area of confusion is whether you need […]

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The Downside of Using Bots on Your Social Media Accounts


More and more bots are making their way into social media. If your business is not already using them within your social media marketing strategies, you might be thinking about […]

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How to Boost Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel With Video

Computer Monitor

There’s a reason you’ve been seeing more videos over time when you scroll through your Facebook feed. Video content gets results. A study found a 135 percent boost in organic reach with […]

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Get Executives To Buy Into Your Content Strategy

Hand Shake

Through blogs, social media, video and other forms of content, your company will be able to reach new people who are looking for your products or services. You can help […]

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