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Author - Victoria Castrillo

Major Publishers That Have Been Punished by Google

If there’s one thing that Sergey Brin and Larry Page understand, it’s that they would never have been able to build their empire if it weren’t for that inconspicuous little […]

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Opinion: Content Shock is Real, but We Will Be Okay

In early January, marketer and blogger Mark Schaefer presented a reasonable and well-thought-out scenario where content marketing meets an untimely end at the hands of information overload, or content shock.  […]

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Is Tumblr a Platform for Creation or Curation?

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that lets users upload content in the form of text, photos, GIFs, links, music, and videos.  Users can follow other users, and their feeds all […]

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5 Lies You Tell Yourself About Your Company’s Blog

And the lies continue. This time around, the focus has shifted from personal blogs to those ever-so-essential company blogs. Whether you’re currently managing one or considering adding a blog to […]

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You’re Still Lying to Yourself About Your Content

Last time, we went over some of the lies you were telling yourself about how you present your content, so by now you have the aesthetics all figured out.  You’ve […]

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4 Big Fat Lies You’re Telling Yourself About Your Content

So you’ve got something you want to share with the world.  Well, so does everyone and their mother.  Want proof? There are currently 135.2 million blogs on Tumblr alone—four of […]

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How to Lose a Blog in 8 Posts

Let’s say you’ve reached publisher status on a blog. Congratulations! You can instantly post any article you want, and you don’t need anybody’s permission. You are your own master. You […]

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