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Author - Vanessa Miller

Best Practices for SEO Content Writing

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In many ways, SEO (search engine optimization) had not changed since the late ‘90s, when search engines were just becoming popular ways to find things on the web. After all, […]

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The Best Content Management System


In order to do digital content marketing effectively, you have to provide content that is relevant and consistently up-to-date. Often, this simply means creating a good mix of evergreen and […]

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Retargeting Stats that Prove You Need to Pair it With Content

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Have you ever shopped around for a perfect piece of furniture online? Let’s say it’s a coffee table. You shop for the perfect table for days, maybe weeks. Then, you […]

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How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation


Most marketing gurus and entrepreneurs agree that using social media is no longer merely a choice in business. It is, rather, a necessary tool for business growth and development. This […]

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