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Being Number One Really Does Matter

When you hear people talk about the value of search engine optimization, or SEO, you often hear about the value of getting to the top entry of search engine results. This, for many SEO companies, and the clients they represent is the goal. So much time and money is invested by both the client and the company that falling short of this goal is nothing short of disappointing.

But how much does getting to the top of the search engine really matter? For instance, if a business gets to the second entry on Google, does it really make a difference to the number of clicks that website gets? Chitika, which analyzes this data, has determined that going from the number two position to the number one position literally doubles the amount of clicks a website will get.

What this data in itself suggests is that there is good reason why such importance is placed on SEO and driving the results up the search engine ranks. The biggest jump in the amount of clicks that a website gets is from the top of page two to the bottom of page one. These companies that successfully navigate their way onto the first page of search results are going to see at least a jump over 100%.

With each step they take up toward the top of the first page, they will see an increase in the number of hits the website gets. Now, while there is no way to ensure or guarantee that a website gets to the top of the results page, it’s important to focus still on ranking as high as possible.

So the game should never change. For the near future, it’s about getting to the top but as the Internet grows, there will be an increased importance in keeping up with the trends and traffic. It’s not just about getting to the top of the website, it’s about knowing how to get to the top.

First, a company must know the right kind of keywords that their client base searches by. Putting in the wrong keyword will only push the efforts of the company back. Once the right keyword has been established, only then can the work of getting to the top begin.

Of course, the method of getting to the top is often changing. Search engines are no longer allowing companies to create content where the keyword is used 20 to 30 times in hopes that it will register at the top of the search engine results. Now a company must get their site to the top of the search engine organically. A company must generate quality copy that cleverly and appropriately uses the keyword. It’s no longer just about the keywords, but it’s about the content itself. The content must be long enough to register with the search engine and not contain fluff.

SEO is changing everyday, but the one thing is certain, getting to the top is still the most important thing for your business. In the world of SEO, first place is the only real victory.

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