Publishing content on the internet is a strange situation. You may write the greatest piece of copy ever known to humanity. It goes to waste if nobody reads it, though. Conversely, you could write something that’s mediocre at best, banal at worst. You probably won’t care if the content goes viral and becomes a search engine anchor for your other, better content.

Creating internet copy is akin to opening a door and shouting at whoever’s on the other side. That room may have an auditorium full of people or it may have nobody listening. You need to make sure that your message gets out. Otherwise, the content creation process is a waste of time and resources. Here are the best distribution tools for content.


Image via Flickr by The Sales Whisperer

Distribution is everything on the internet. The way that you control delivery of your message will define your ultimate success or failure. Social signals are a key factor in how Google ranks websites. The engineers in charge of Google Search give weight to the opinions of internet users. Content that generates a high volume of likes and shares is better. Otherwise, people wouldn’t like and share it.  You’re going to need social signals. Otherwise, people will never see your content.

Hootsuite is one of the best social media managers today. Invented in 2008, it’s also one of the industry mainstays, with more than 15 million users across 175 countries. The program is popular due to its robust features and flexibility. You can use Hootsuite on every major social media platform such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and WordPress blogs. Just as importantly, it also has third-party app connections to other sites like Slideshare, Storify, and Instagram. With Hootsuite, you can connect with social media users no matter where they are.

The other benefit of Hootsuite is its tracking. The software doesn’t just schedule social media posts. It also tracks your results, identifying growth areas for your social signals. The product also identifies influencers who show interest in your offerings or are good fits as potential ambassadors. Befriending these people will increase your likes and shares. Hootsuite also offers social ROI calculations to show how much you’re spending for your social signals. With all of these tracking metrics and connective tools, you can maximize your brand awareness on social media.


The way that you execute digital marketing is integral to your revenue stream. The average American spends nine hours and 39 minutes interacting with smart devices each day. Your customers spend more time on the internet than your employees do working in your office on an average workday. It’s the ideal captive audience.

Your digital advertising will reach these potential clients all the time, even when you don’t have sales people in the building. You need to create a digital marketing system that will activate these web surfers, generating instant leads.

HubSpot is the best distribution tool for digital marketing. Its primary purpose is to improve your inbound marketing and sales. The company has developed automation tools that remove the guesswork from content creation. HubSpot will offer you suggestions on the best ways to implement your content. It has innumerable suggestions on how to build the best content calendar. The focus of their suggestions is the streamlining of your inbound marketing. HubSpot understands that the largest issue for businesses is connecting with customers in the right way at the perfect moment. It’s more than just a distribution tool. It’s your best salesperson, and it works every second of every day to make more money for you.


Have you dutifully maintained an email marketing list over the years? Alternately, did you ignore this powerful marketing technique for too long and regret it now? Whichever way you answered, you still have plenty of room to grow your email marketing. MailChimp is the content tool that will help you reach your goals.

You should have two aspirations with your marketing list. You want to build your brand and expand your reach. The content that you create will do the former, but the latter aspect is what will increase your earning potential. An effectively implemented mailing list leads to more people reading your content. You just need to give people a reason to click.

Your best strategy is to create gated content, special updates like whitepapers, email exclusives, infographics, and videos that reward people for reading your emails. MailChimp is the perfect tool for this job. That’s because the company’s dutiful avoidance of spam protects your interests. You won’t lose your hard work due to a tight spam filter. You might not even realize how big a problem this issue is, but it could negate all of your hard work in building an email list.

Research suggests that 21% of all email marketing attempts go straight to the user’s spam folder. MailChimp understands that their business model fails if a higher percentage of their clients have many missives marked as spam. This knowledge incentivizes them to fight spam, and they’re actually among the foremost leaders in the industry in this field. Their product will disseminate your information while guaranteeing that your entire mailing list has the option to read it.


The future of content dissemination is via video channels. You’ve almost certainly realized this by now, but here are a couple of supporting facts. More than 2.1 billion people will view digital video in 2017. That’s 28 percent of the global population you’re ignoring if you don’t use video on your site! The current estimate is that 74 percent of all internet traffic stems from video. You need to adapt to the changing nature of content consumption lest you get left behind.

With so many potential video clients available to consumers, your job as a content creator is to publish your videos everywhere. The best product for this tactic is Oneload, a service that uploads your videos to popular sites like YouTube and Facebook. It also propagates content at less heralded ones like Dailymotion and Viddler. Videos are evergreen content. You never know when someone might watch a clip and become a customer. So, you want full market penetration with your clips. A single upload on Oneload accomplishes this task for you.

Every major content distribution avenue has a preferred tool. Even if you have a favorite in each of the categories above that differs from the listed suggestion, the premise holds. You need to take control of the content distribution process. You must pick tools that will aid you in social media, digital marketing, email marketing, and video channels. By doing so, you will maximize your earning potential.