In the past I’ve written on how to avoid getting ripped off by buying cheap infographics as well as how to sell interactives to a client if you’re an agency, so today I think it would be appropriate to cover a success story on using an interactive to explain what is happening with a big dataset.

Who: Home Advisor

What: 2015 True Cost Report

Why: Help consumers to understand the true cost of home improvement projects

Why Joe likes it: Home Advisor was able to take both aggregate and individualized cost data from customer quotes, material costs, and contractor bids, and then serve it up in a national and majority metro area focus to allow potential customers get a quick understanding on how much that kitchen renovation or backyard landscaping might cost. The ability to select the type of product (electrical vs plumbing), then project, then the area I’m looking at helps me to gauge overall project costs and be thankful that apparently getting work done in the Phoenix area isn’t too pricey.

I also love that this could become some evergreen content that is refreshed yearly, driving qualified and educated leads for Home Advisor for a long while.

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