Yesterday Google announced that users can now comment on Blogger with their Google+ profile. People can decide exactly what communities they want to share with either by making comments public or specifying individual circles. It’s easy to treat Google+ like the family’s red headed step child, forgotten and in need of love, but this could be the shot in the arm the social network needs. Now, just by commenting on blogs, you’re creating content for your Google+ page.

Did you read a blog article this morning about the latest and greatest sushi bar in town? Tell the author what you think about it and share the comment with your food blogger circles. Did you enjoy that SEO tutorial? Share your thoughts with your content marketing peers. Two birds, one stone.

Plus, (pun intended) this marriage will put all comments in one place. Now, us popular people can keep track of discussions on two platforms with one click. It will make responding to questions, comments and the occasional troll significantly easier.

The challenge, oftentimes, is following all the conversations around your content—on Google+, for instance, as well as on your website. So we’re making things a lot simpler. -Yonatan Zunger, Principal Engineer at Google

This is more than Google finally syncing up all of its platforms and services, this is a step towards a more streamlined Internet. People don’t want to go through expansive sign-up processes when posting blog comments, they want to say their piece and move on. Blogs that require special usernames and passwords are falling by the wayside as sites adopt universal sign-ins with Google+ and Gravatar.

Blogger connecting with Google+ further blurs the line between social media and publishing platforms. The Internet is moving towards a unified system where people can sign into anything with a Facebook login or Twitter handle. Even if these social networks may fall by the wayside in the style of Friendster or MySpace, the notion of social integration won’t. Creating a new username and login is positively medieval.

While it makes sense that Google+ and Blogger would go well together considering they’re under the same parent of Google, TechCrunch is speculating that this is merely the starting point for Google+. Once the two systems are gelling, the beleaguered social network wants to expand to easy commenting on the same level as Facebook.

This is where Google+ needs to hold the phone. It wants to take on the largest social network that already has an established monopoly on commenting. It wants more than Blogger, it wants the whole Internet.

What would a world look like where Google+ and Facebook compete for blog comments? When users want to post a comment, they would either have to choose which network to share to when they comment or select multiple networks HootSuite style. On the up side, social networks would become more about sharing content, on the down side, oversharing is a definite possibility.

Who do you think benefits from this relationship more: Blogger or Google+?