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Lauren Oliver


April 11, 2011 (Updated: November 8, 2023)

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There many things you can do to boost your website SEO, from optimizing your keyword usage to making sure you have clean page titles. However, search engines also rank your website higher based on how popular it is. Your popularity is measured not only in web traffic, but in the amount of other web pages that link back to yours.

Up until now, link building has been a game of trying to get popular blogs and websites to link to you, but now that field has expanded. Google and Bing recently started crawling Twitter for links, something they weren’t doing four or five months ago. Clearly, it pays to have a social media marketing campaign in place. If you don’t have one already, make sure to make Twitter part of any campaign you set up.

Share Content

Twitter culture can be a little daunting, with its unique abbreviations and symbols. But with a little research and experience, you should get the hang of it soon enough. Once that’s out of the way, the real key to building your SEO through Twitter is sharing links and getting them retweeted (RTd), or shared, by other people as a form of brand building. You don’t have to bombard the twitterverse with constant updates; just provide good information on a regular basis. Send out links to deals and specials on your website and give out information about upcoming products, services, or events. If you provide good content and information, people will share your links.

Authority RTs

Just having people share your links on Twitter is good, but having your tweets shared by popular people is even better. Both Google and Bing take into account the popularity of a person who RTs you when calculating website rank. The more followers a person has when they RT your link, the more that shared link will boost your page rank.

All in all, an SEO strategy is about getting as many people as possible to share your content across the web. So start using Twitter to get your links out there, and your page rank will increase.

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