Business to Business Marketing Report 2020-2021


Published: February 23, 2021 (Updated: January 26, 2023)

Business to Business marketing is the way that a company who sells their products or services to other companies displays themselves on the internet in any capacity. This could be any information on their website, social media accounts, or email newsletter services. You may also see B2B marketing as blog posts, white papers, e-books, or infographics that appear as results on Google or Bing. 

In the recent report from, the current climate for B2B marketing is discussed in detail. The report presents statistics on B2B spending, comparisons of the effectiveness of marketing tactics, surveys from both marketers and end-users, and an analysis of trends in the B2B marketplace. 

Some of the topics discussed in this report are: 

B2B Media Advertising: These are the ads you see while you’re searching for information on Google. Sometimes they appear on the search engine results pages at the top of the page and other times they are located at the bottom of the page. 

B2B E-Commerce: Every business is trying to make money, so this is when a business sells its products or services using an online store or website. 

Behavioral Marketing: This is when you notice the behavior of those coming into contact with your marketing or advertising and take specific actions aimed at promoting your business and selling your products or services. 

Content Marketing: Content marketing is when you use blog posts, articles, infographics, e-books, and any other sort of content to promote your business. 

Creating Customer Awareness: Customer awareness can be created by using any of the previously mentioned marketing tactics. The basic concept is bringing your product or service to the forefront of your end-user’s mind or just making them aware that your solution exists. 

Customer Relationship Management: Not only is it important to gain new customers, but it’s also important to build great and lasting relationships with those customers. The more successful their campaigns are, the better your relationship will be, naturally. 

Direct Marketing: Direct marketing is when you speak directly to the pre-selected customer to communicate an offer and supply a method for direct response. 

Email Marketing: Sending emails to leads that you have in your CMS is a great way to keep them in the lines of communication and remind them how you can help solve their problems when they open their inbox each day. Some different types of email marketing are newsletters, emails with prompts, and email chains that reengage your past customers or cold leads. 

Engagement: This can be an array of actions taken on your website or social media profiles from clicking a specific button to commenting on an Instagram post. 

Integrated Marketing Communications: Integrating all of the previously mentioned tactics, channels, and statistics into one seamless process is known as integrated marketing communications. 

Lead Generation, Nurturing, and Management: This is the development of leads through marketing tactics like emails, calls, and messages on social media. It is where the lead becomes a new relationship and potential sale based on the problems each lead is trying to solve and how your company can help make their goals become a reality. 

Marketing Automation: Software platforms and technologies can be used by your business to help marketing departments work more effectively and efficiently on multiple platforms and channels online by doing repetitive tasks automatically. 

Mobile Marketing: In 2015, Mobilegeddon began with Google updating their platform to include better mobile optimization, and it has spread throughout the remainder of marketing platforms since. 

Social Media Marketing: Managing your social media platforms and keeping your posts consistent will show your potential customers that you are reliable and that you have potential solutions for the issues that they are facing.

Website Traffic: Website traffic is a good indicator of how well your website content is working to get your results to the top of Google. The more traffic your site is retaining, the more leads your sales team will receive and hopefully, in turn, create customers from. 

Use this marketing report with more than 1,200 website links, directly embedded into the electronic edition to see additional market research (& other resources) for the B2B marketing stratosphere. Gain insights into the scope of B2B marketing and continue reading the B2B Marketing Report 2020-2021 on 


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