Creating content is very difficult at times. Even people that love to write sometimes can’t figure out a new topic that they have any motivation to write about.

I personally need to be inspired in some way to really get writing. Shockingly, when I write about things that irritate me or make me angry I can write for a long time. What is interesting is that these types of articles drive in a large amount of traffic, so it is a win-win for me. It is like I have tiger blood in my veins. 🙂

How Do People Get It Wrong?

Whatever industry you are in you have to see people that are doing things in a way that really isn’t the most effective way of doing things.

Write about it. Explain what the problems are and what people need to do to perform things correctly. I would do this in a positive way and not call anyone out — the goal is to educate and clarify.

What Do Clients Get Wrong?

Clients and customers, we all need them and love them, but they can also cause a lot of irritation by doing things wrong or understanding something the wrong way. Businesses see the same issues with their clientele all the time.

For example, lets say you install a product in a home and the customer fails to do something to maintain it and then complains when it must be fixed. You could write about situations like this in an educational way and explain what people need to know. Give a copy to your customers and put it on your website.

Here’s another example, as an SEO consultant I try to educate my clients in a big way and I want them to stay on the right path of doing things, but there are “departments” in each company that are supposed to be performing various tasks.

So let’s say the marketing department decides the company needs a new website, hires a designer without consulting me and then tells me about the new site after it is built (badly). They call me when the design is complete because now they need me to “optimize” it. This is a huge FAIL and is worth writing about.

Just think about what current clients get wrong often, how you can write about it to educate future clients and then figure out multiple ways to get this information in front of them.

Myths! Squash them!

If there are common myths in your industry you should create a list and write about them. People want and need the truth about everything. Let people know what the common myths are and then educate as much as possible.

Keep in mind that as a myth-buster you create trust. Trust is needed for conversions and sales.

Need to Vent and Rant?

As Rocky says, “Go for it”!

There are people that are popular and loved because they rant and vent. However, the ones that are respected are often those that rant in an educational way while not hiding their irritation.

Venting and ranting isn’t about attacking others, but letting go of frustration. While you vent and rant the goal should be to help people understand your perspective of things and perhaps even sway them to your way of thinking.

Venting and ranting is just one more way for you to create content.

So the Common Theme with These Suggestions?

Educate! You need to educate and inform when writing about things that often tend to be on the negative side of things for you. Obviously we all want to keep our clientele happy and obtain more clients and content can help with both of these things.

Create content that will educate and you can solidify the trust process with both potential and current clients/customers. As I say way too often, you can’t have sales without trust so trust must be a high priority in all of your marketing efforts.