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September 30, 2013 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

Convincing a client to start a blog can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to sell them on intangible benefits.  Traffic, search engine rankings, social shares?  You can’t touch any of these.  They want a payoff, and they want it quickly. Here’s how you can promote the intangible benefits of blogging while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Go Deeper Than Social Media

Let’s say Hammertime Construction has a great website. They have a unique “About Us” page, a “Contact page” with a high conversion rate and clear “Products” page. They have a strong customer base, and sales are currently increasing. Well, what more could they need? Selling them on maintaining a blog can bring in more leads in the long run.

A blog allows Hammertime Construction to connect with their customers in a different way than social media or a simple contact form.  While social media allows for conversations between a business and its consumers, a blog allows a business to get more in-depth.  They aren’t limited to answering one customer’s question and can broadcast that question if it’s one that multiple people have.

Form Relationships and Partnerships

They can also show how to use multiple products in conjunction with each other. Just because the blog is run by Hammertime doesn’t mean every post needs to promote its products. If they work closely with a painting company, they can show off a building that they worked together to build and paint in a blog post – which the painting company will share on social media. Both parties benefit from the exposure to new audiences.

Build Trust with the Community

Blogging allows you to instill trust and show your authority on matters in your industry. Let’s go back to the Hammertime Construction example.  If a person is searching for “best materials for building a shed,” they can find an article the company wrote about shed building. They may not be looking to hire a construction company to build the shed, but they now trust you as an authority on the matter. Down the line, if they’re looking to build a guesthouse or if a neighbor asks for a construction recommendation they’ll remember the name and brand of Hammertime.

With your blog, you can build a network of people seeking your opinion on specific subject matters.  It’s an easy and strong way to draw potential clients.

Not only can a blog provide sound advice to potential and current clients, it can also help you grow your knowledge of your industry.  Even if you’re the biggest expert in the field, you can always learn more.

Stay on Top of Industry Trends

Hammertime Construction has seen an increase in clients asking for Doomsday Shelters. Despite the fact that they’ve been in business since 1990, they’ve never built these shelters because they’re a new industry trend. Hammertime Construction is considering offering them as a product, but still need to know what their clients are looking for, what materials are needed, guidelines, etc.

They can publish their research in a blog article or series of blog articles and use those posts as promotional materials when they launch the product. Now they can start branding themselves as the doomsday shelter construction company.

Look Beyond the Numbers

The end game of any company blog is turning visitors into clients. Remember, not everyone going to your site is going to buy something from you, so it’s important to focus on the intangible benefits as much as the click-through rates, social shares, and sign-ups.

A blog is your chance to shape and mold client opinions and purchases.  You have an opportunity to show them exactly what you’re company is capable of doing.  They payoff may not be immediate, but if done correctly, the opportunities are endless.

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