ORSYP provides products that automate IT processes and optimize IT utilization. Their consulting and educational services help maximize clients’ IT infrastructure.


While ORSYP’s experience and educational resources establish it as a thought-leader, it needed to boost visibility and traffic while expanding its brand reach with accessible content not typical of the IT industry.


We used ORSYP’s blog as the foundation of our content marketing strategy,¬†focusing¬†on the following tactics:

Step 1: Content Creation

  • Creation and regular publishing of ShareBait articles, such as IT Nightmares: Worst Scenarios for Your IT Person, provided a foundation of shareable content.
  • Ideation and creation of Infographics, like Why it Sucks being the IT Guy, provided a viral asset.

Step 2: Connection Building

  • Building an Authority Connection on GeeksAreSexy.net boosted attention and search engine authority.

Step 3: Social Curation

  • Social Curating the Infographic on Facebook and StumbleUpon boosted attention and traffic.


  • ORSYP’s blog was rebranded with accessible, shareable content. Traffic increased by 15 times, the Infographic attracted over 2,000 social shares and the site received 18 organic backlinks.



Ken Savage

Online Marketing Manager, ORSYP

“I had to ask for help with content creation and curation. I found CopyPress and explained my position and what I needed help with. After a few phone calls and some brain dumps CopyPress came up with a content schedule for me and ways to promote the content to increase my website’s traffic. I’m looking at 15x increase in traffic and it’s only the 3rd month. I couldn’t be happier with CopyPress.”