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4 Major Social Media Updates in 2018

People standing near work "Like"

A Social Media Examiner survey found that 96 percent of small businesses use social media for marketing purposes. While this is clear evidence that social media is an effective marketing tool, […]

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Should You Be Writing For Your Audience Or Your Business?


The secret to content marketing is that it is about both your audience and your business. The key to being sure that you’re able to achieve optimal results in business […]

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How Your Choice of CMS Affects Your Content Marketing

Filter Machine

The right content management system (CMS) can help your content marketing in countless ways. It helps you stay organized, makes your content more digestible, and keeps your site functioning correctly. […]

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6 Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts

Dialogue Bubbles

We all know how powerful blogging can be for your business, but, just like social media, it’s only as effective as your level of engagement. Having great content on your […]

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6 Email Automation Strategies to Try Today

New Email Message on Computer

Email marketing is an essential component of robust digital marketing strategy, but not every brand email you send has to be part of a regular newsletter or one-off promotion. Automated […]

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How to Build a Productive Dialogue with Your Audience

Dialogue Boxes

Have you ever had a friend or colleague who you felt was always talking at you, rather than with you? Did it seem like they were just there to be […]

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White Paper Release: The Art of Publisher Outreach

People sitting

Publisher outreach can be an intimidating strategy to first-time marketers. You have to get over your fear of rejection and persist until you get a response. If you’re used to […]

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Why You Should Create Non-Promotional Content


You likely already know the big secret of marketing: Content is the key to reaching your ideal clients and creating a dedicated tribe of followers. But you may not be […]

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How to Build A Brand Community


Today’s customers are increasingly aware of the inauthentic sheen covering most advertising campaigns. They’re on the hunt for reliable sources that connect them to companies they buy from. Personal recommendations, […]

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4 Advantages Introverts Have in Content Marketing

An introvert, as opposed to extrovert, is someone who is more suited to being alone or in one-on-one social engagements, and who finds communicating with large numbers of people draining […]

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