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Micronetworks: Marketing That Your Content Deserves

Micronetworks can help get your content seen.

You finish the article you spent weeks working on. The moment comes for distribution of the article and you can’t wait to open Google Analytics and see the results of […]

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Freelancing Spotlight | Q&A with Jessica Everitt – Freelance Writer and Coach

Learn more about Jessica Everitt in our freelance spotlight.

In our second Freelancing Spotlight column, we interviewed Jessica Everitt whom I met in the Writing Revolters Facebook Group. New to the freelancing space, she has some incredible insight for […]

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Using Live Video to Captivate Your Audience

Live television broadcasting first introduced us to the power of using suspense to captivate an audience. It showed that people, who otherwise would never watch a car chase, are willing […]

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Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in South Carolina

As we continue our efforts in finding top digital marketing agencies in the states, our focus goes to South Carolina. As the need for visual content grows, so does our […]

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How to Connect with Your Audience

Making your company and product stand out in today’s business world is a very challenging task. There are many other brands trying to earn business from the many competing customers; […]

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4 Best Practices for B2B Marketing

Most everyone knows B2B marketing strategies are (or ought to be) different from how B2C does things. And they are. But in spite of the differences, certain goals are common […]

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Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Pennsylvania

digital marketing agencies in Pennsylvania

As one of the nation’s original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania has a rich history. The Declaration of Independence was signed within its borders, it’s the home of the United States’ first […]

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How to Improve User Experience

It might seem self-evident, but user experience (UX) is what users feel — what they experience when using a product or service. As the adage goes, there is never a […]

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Freelancing Spotlight | Q&A with Andrea Emerson – Freelance Writer and Mentor


This is the inaugural Freelancing Spotlight column from CopyPress. My name is Derek Miller, and I’m the Community Growth Manager for CopyPress’ talent network of freelance writers, editors, influencers, designers, […]

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Best 3 Content Marketing Strategies for Emerging Lifestyle Brands

Paper and Pen

Health and beauty, fashion and fitness, home and travel … the lifestyle vertical has no shortage of brands striving to compete for consumer’s attention. For emerging lifestyle brands entering this […]

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