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4 Ways Colleges Can Use Content Marketing to Enhance Community Engagement

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College towns abound across the country and around the world. From Berkeley, California, to Burlington, Vermont, and Cambridge, England, to Beijing, China, these cities welcome thousands of young adults each […]

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Why Influencer Marketing Is Right For You

Influencer marketing has become a popular buzzword in the content community, with some brands joining the influencer trend while others hold back. In reality, almost any brand can tap into […]

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SEO Metrics: What Is Important?

So you want to build your business’s visibility through an SEO campaign, maybe in tandem with your content marketing or advertising. It’s not as simple as checking your analytics to […]

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Types of Links: What’s the Big Difference?

As of 2014, organic search represented 50 percent of all traffic by websites on average. Conversely, social media only accounted for five percent of all traffic and paid search accounted for 10 […]

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6 Google Adwords Features to Improve Your SEO

tablet with google adwords report

Google AdWords is a powerful tool that helps you tap into Google’s massive search audience and reach the viewers who are most relevant to your products and services. Google offers […]

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How Customer Service Affects Your Marketing

People meeting discussing customers

For many brands, marketing strategy largely centers on branded content, influencer outreach, and search engine optimization. As effective as these methods might be, they don’t account for the impact that […]

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Dealing With Broken Links

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Broken links are a common problem in the ever-changing landscape of the internet. Links die at an alarming pace, creating a mess of redirects and errors for visitors who just […]

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How to Analyze Your Backlink Profile

When bloggers first start out, they typically collect links passively when other people find and enjoy their content. As they advance, they might start reaching out to influencers to mention […]

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WhitePaper Release: Growing and Sculpting Your Link Portfolio

Few topics are as hotly debated in the content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) circles as linking and link building. Some people believe that any attempt to manipulate search […]

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6 Sites for Promoting Your Business

When most people need help finding a store with good bargains, a fun way to spend a day, or a good restaurant, they use their smartphones to get the latest […]

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