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Category - Content Creation

Your Guide to Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing guide

For years, marketers chased the customer purchase as the end-game in the sales process. As long as a customer made a purchase, the marketing team did its job and could […]

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6 Tips for a High-Performing Live Video Broadcast

Live Video Content Tips

Live video, also known as livestreaming, is the act of broadcasting live over the internet to viewers who tune in and watch in real time from a hosting website. Live […]

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How and Why to Add Variety to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Learn how to diversify your content marketing strategy.

When people think about content, they tend to focus on the copy. Website and social media copy is easy to create, doesn’t cost a lot, and follows a tried-and-true method […]

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How to Create Your Digital Media Style Guide

If your content marketing campaign doesn’t have a style guide, you’re setting yourself up for frustration and underwhelming results. Style guides allow your brand, content appeal, quality level, and other […]

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How to Cheaply Develop Personas & Enhance Your Content Marketing

Develop personas to enhance your content marketing

We live in the digital era, and marketers are now data managers, analysts, and scientists. While creativity still plays an important role in our field, modern marketers research customers, learn […]

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Instagram for Local Business Marketing

Phones and Instagram Icon

Social media marketing might seem like it’s better suited to national and international businesses, but social media makes it incredibly easy to advertise to local customers. Instagram is one of […]

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Why Video Is A Must-Have in Your Content Strategy

Play Button on Computer

We’re deep into 2018, and the predictions made several years ago about video content’s potential have come true and then some. A greater portion of online traffic is coming from […]

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Stop Procrastinating: An 8 Step Guide to Publishing Content Consistently

Learn how to create content consistently with this 8 step guide

Content is one of the top three ranking factors in Google — and that shouldn’t be news to you.  If you are looking for a post about why content matters, […]

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7 Ways to Make Emoji Marketing Work for Your Brand

Learn how to make emoji marketing work for your strategy

Smiley faces, heart eyes, cute animals, and even your favorite foods and drinks: You use emoji every day in your emails, texts, and social media posts to friends and family. […]

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How to Optimize Email Marketing Campaigns for Mobile

Optimize your email marketing campaigns for mobile users

If you’ve never tested your email campaigns on a mobile device or checked your email list’s ratio of desktop users to smartphone users, it’s time to rethink your optimization strategy. […]

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