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Content FAQ: What Is the Purpose of a Style Guide?

Have you ever read an article or blog post and felt something was off about the appearance of the content? Maybe there was a lack of distinction between the key topics or enormous blocks of text, making it difficult to read. Without a style guide, content can...

21 Jul 2022

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Content Niche Content: Businesses Are Creating It, But Should You?

Businesses are always looking for the upper hand, especially when it comes to marketing. That’s why niche content is so helpful. It gives companies an opportunity to market their services in areas with less competition, while still boosting their sales and conversion rate. But businesses don’t always...

30 Jun 2022

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Content Does Your Company Need a White Paper? Maybe

White papers are a popular form of content marketing that a lot of businesses use. They often provide a ton of helpful information to their readers while demonstrating a company’s expertise and authority in its industry. Because of this, a lot of businesses wonder if they need...

14 Jun 2022

man using macbook at table creating content
Content The Big Question: When Creating Content You Should…?

When creating content you should…? It sounds like a quiz question. In fact, it is a question from HubSpot’s content marketing course exam. According to the quiz, the right answers are, “keep your audience top of mind” and “keep search engines top of mind.” That sounds easy. Think...

8 Jun 2022

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Content 7 Tips for Writing Compelling Newsletter Subject Lines

Sending newsletters to your audience in the hope of making conversions is an effective marketing strategy. But it’s hard to break through the inbox noise. How do you make your emails stand out? How do you get your emails to generate more clicks and opens than your...

6 Jun 2022

ancient building with blue sky background to represent pillar posts
Content What Are Pillar Posts in Content Marketing?

Did you know that in 2022, B2B marketing teams spent about 33 hours per week creating content? That’s 83% of a traditional workweek. But here’s something the statistics don’t track: are these marketers concerned with the quantity or the quality of their content? If they’re concerned with...

28 May 2022

scrabble pieces spelling out "Go for it"
Content Calls To Action: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

You’re getting traffic to your website! But now what? The last thing you want is for your audience to leave, especially because they don’t know what they’re supposed to do. That’s where calls to action (CTA) come in. A call to action is how you direct your...

14 May 2022

Content Why Content Is King and How It Can Help Your Marketing Campaign

“Content is king, ” Bill Gates once said. But that was almost twenty years ago. As we look at how the internet’s grown, we see just how much it improves our consumer or client outreach. But does content still sit above everything else? The answer is yes –...

13 May 2022

man in white shirt standing against white wall another man holding tablet for interactive immersive marketing experience
Content Interactive and Immersive Marketing: Why Use It?

Which experience sounds more exciting, a lecture or a discussion? Most people would say a discussion. Discussions are interactive. You don’t just sit and listen to someone speak about their ideas. You can engage, talk, and converse with others. Discussions let you not only experience information but...

5 May 2022

Content Data Visualizations vs. Infographics

Data visualizations and infographics are very similar. But that can lead to a lot of confusion and debate over which is which, and what graphic businesses should use for their marketing. If you’re feeling a bit flummoxed, you’re not alone. Though related, infographics and data visualizations are...

27 Apr 2022

Woman character blogger copywriter journalist content manager working on hub content vs. episodic content
Content Hub Content vs. Episodic Content: What’s the Difference?

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about examples of hub content. When researching, we found out that there wasn’t that much information available about the topic. It seemed like a good comparison for Hub content was like episodes of a TV show. But the more...

10 Mar 2022

Content 5 Secrets to Discovering Customer Pain Points

Marketing to your audience often involves understanding what they need, sometimes even before they do. Without the proper tools or information, that becomes an almost impossible task. Luckily, there are ways to uncover the needs and pain points of your customers, which can make your marketing materials...

8 Mar 2022

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