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Content Creation 7 Tips For Creating Impressive B2B Content Marketing

Business-to-business (B2B) companies often use content to generate new clients by enticing other companies in their industry to partner for services. If the created content isn’t engaging, it can make their campaigns more challenging. Last week, Katy French published an article on Business 2 Community that mentioned five tips...

22 Oct 2021

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Content Creation Why Is High-Quality Content Important?

This week, Forbes released an article by Kara Taylor, who talks about why businesses’ content strategies need high-quality content. Taylor uses her experience and knowledge to give companies a lot of helpful information to improve their content marketing and brand awareness. In this blog, we’ve given you...

15 Oct 2021

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Content Creation 6 Reasons Closed Captions are Important for Content Marketing

Closed captioning is the process of displaying text over a video to give the viewer more information about its content. In other words: Subtitles. Using closed captions can not only help people better understand what your video is trying to share, but can also improve your sales...

24 Sep 2021

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Content Creation Content Curation vs Content Creation: What’s the Difference?

There are many strategies a business can use when it performs content marketing. Whether it’s crafting weekly blogs or creating animated videos, there’s often more than one way to succeed with their marketing goals. It’s no different for content creation versus content curation. Though the two strategies...

14 Sep 2021

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Content Creation 8 Types of Timely Content To Use in Your Campaigns

Adding timely content to your marketing plan is a strategic approach to reaching more leads, and quickly. As the name suggests, these pieces have an expiration date. Your audience cares about them for a short time before they move on to something else. The more enticing you...

13 Sep 2021

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Content Creation 4 Tips for Creating Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that stands the test of time. Essentially, if someone reads your article three or five years in the future, they should find it just as valuable and relevant as they would today. Most often, that means writing about timeless topics, but there are...

9 Sep 2021

Text reads "SEO" with people standing on an upward arrow.
Content Creation How Google’s Search Works and What It Can Do For Your Content

Google cares about people finding what they’re looking for, and luckily for all of us, the company tells us exactly how it’s done. Well, sort of. Though Google doesn’t like to talk about the details of its algorithms and programs, it does have a couple of resources that you...

26 Aug 2021

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Content Creation 5 Keys To Content Marketing Success

Just starting a marketing campaign? Looking for ways to make your current one more successful? Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place. Content marketing can be a difficult beast to tame, but it can get a little easier once you know some helpful tips and...

12 Aug 2021

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Content Creation Reddit Hires New Head of Business Marketing: Why It Matters

On Monday, Variety announced that Reddit, a well-known social media site, hired Timo Pelz to be their new head of business marketing. Before taking this position, Pelz worked for Facebook and Instagram for eight years to develop their business marketing department. Though the strategies for marketing on Reddit, Facebook, and...

4 Aug 2021

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Content Creation 8 Benefits of Content Marketing for Businesses

Let’s talk content marketing. It’s a tool that companies use to help them grow and succeed. But how? Content can come in many forms, like blogs, videos, podcasts, emails, and infographics. We absorb content every day. Every time you watch your favorite YouTuber — content. That article...

28 Jul 2021

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Content Creation 12 Tips To Make Your Small Business Website Pop

In the digital age, all companies need to have a web presence, especially small businesses. Why? Because how else are you supposed to compete with companies like Amazon, where you can buy things for same-day shipping without getting out of bed? Fortunately, you can steal some tricks...

28 Jul 2021

Content Creation Tips to Find the Perfect Copywriter

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”—Robert Frost Companies like CopyPress exist because the content process is hard. Scaling content is difficult. Despite scale, many companies simply find it hard to find great copywriters....

26 Apr 2021

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