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Category - Content Marketing

What is Google Mobile Friendly?

Google mobile friendly describes websites and content whose design satisfies Google’s criteria for easy mobile browsing and navigation. Making your campaigns Google mobile friendly has become even more crucial as […]

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5 Content Marketing Services You Need In Your Strategy

How difficult or easy content marketing is depends largely on what tools you use to streamline your process. Without a well-prepared approach, content creation will feel haphazard, vague, and unrewarding. […]

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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

In the modern world every company has a website, so companies need to find more effective ways to reach their audiences. Your business needs a blog because they strengthen a […]

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Know the Lingo: 11 Key Content Marketing Terms

Are you ready to improve your ROI with optimized SEO built on productive alt-tags, backlinks, and dynamic content? Did your eyes glaze over halfway through that sentence? Don’t worry. As […]

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How to Create Your Brand Style Guide

Brand style guide: how to create one

A style guide helps a business outline the requirements and components of a content and/or marketing campaign. Using such a guide, a business can ensure that every piece of content, […]

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Guide to Content Marketing for $200 a Month (or Less)

Content marketing to a budget

Most content marketing advice is aimed at businesses who have a decent content marketing budget. It is easy to see results when you can drop thousands of dollars a month […]

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8 Ways to Improve Your Local Email Marketing

Local email marketing

Email marketing offers local businesses ample opportunities to connect with local customers and drive sales throughout the area. To make the most of your locally driven email efforts, take the […]

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A/B Testing: What It Is and How to Do It

Do you ever sometimes wish you could see the future to know whether or not your marketing efforts are going to work? Well, guess what? You can! You don’t even […]

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How to Build Trust Through Content Marketing

How to build trust using content marketing

While content marketing can give your business a platform to build brand awareness and generate website traffic, this digital marketing strategy also has the potential to do much more. Find […]

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5 Outside-the-Box Examples of Successful Social Media Visual Content

Social media visual content examples

Visual content has become a necessary tactic for content marketing due to its strength over nonvisual, word-only material. The right videos, images, infographics, etc. can make a huge splash with […]

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