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INBOUND branded graphic with Black background detailing CopyPress as an official sponsor of INBOUND 2023.
Content Marketing CopyPress Highlights From INBOUND23

The CopyPress team attended INBOUND ’23 in Boston and Mozcon in Seattle this year as an official sponsor and brought back much to unpack. From the spotlight sessions to connecting with everyone, we enjoyed the experience even more than last year. Unpacking the Highlights From INBOUND ’23 Aside from...

21 Sep 2023

The CopyPress team is going to MozCon in Seattle from August 7 to 8.
Content Marketing The CopyPress Team Is Going to MozCon 2023

The CopyPress team is going to MozCon 2023 in Seattle, and we’re looking forward to connecting with everyone. It’s our first time attending, and we couldn’t be more excited. For the full rundown of the event, speakers, and agenda, head to In the meantime, here’s an overview and what...

27 Jul 2023

two hands with arms in suits shaking hands to agree on what is content acquisition
Content Marketing What Is Content Acquisition in Content Marketing?

Content marketing, and marketing in general, can be expensive and time-consuming. Especially if you go into either without a plan or strategy. Marketing teams who want to make sure their budget and efforts go the extra mile often use lower-cost alternatives to produce content for audiences. Content...

26 Jul 2022

people leaning over paper documents on a table possibly deciding what's the most important part of a marketing plan
Content Marketing What Is the Most Important Part of a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan is a document that helps your team prepare, organize, and implement your marketing goals over time. It’s a place to record all your tactics and strategies for the year or quarter to take the guesswork out of what comes next in any campaign phase....

20 Jul 2022

black woman and white woman staring at a silver laptop at the end of a table reading why content marketing is effective
Content Marketing Why Is Content Marketing Effective?

You’ve likely heard the old Bill Gates saying, “content is king.” He wouldn’t have said that, and people wouldn’t still be quoting it about 20 years later, if there wasn’t some truth to it. But where did this idea come from? Why is content marketing effective? Today,...

7 Jul 2022

gmail load screen on yellow background to show how newsletters can help your business
Content Marketing How Newsletters Can Help Your Business

Many companies use newsletters to stay connected with their leads, customers, and target audience. They’re an easy and direct way to share company news, promotions, and anything else you want subscribers to see immediately. If you’re not using a newsletter yet, or you’re using one and not...

5 Jul 2022

typewriter with the words "to blog or not to blog"
Content Marketing How To Make Your Blog Better (5 Actionable Tips)

With countless blogs flooding the internet, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. It can seem like, no matter what you do, that your content and blog just isn’t able to match your competitor’s performance. Luckily, there are tips on how to make your blog better...

29 May 2022

woman sits on couch with silver macbook covered in black and white stickers on her lap doing work for content marketing vs digital marketing
Content Marketing Content Marketing vs Digital Marketing: Can You Do Both?

You have a lot of options for how to share your information, products, and services with your target audience. Marketing is a vast umbrella with many smaller niche areas underneath, two being content and digital marketing. Especially for small businesses and startups, you may wonder what’s the...

24 May 2022

two elk fighting with their horns in the middle of the field
Content Marketing How To Find Your Competitor’s Weakness

When we say to “find your competitor’s weakness” we aren’t telling you to look for their Achilles heel. Any weakness you find in your competitors isn’t going to bring their company down, nor should that be your ultimate goal. What you’re really looking for in your competitor’s...

18 May 2022

black electronics on a white keyboard with man sitting at laptop working on b2b vs b2c content marketing
Content Marketing B2B vs B2C Content Marketing: Is There a Difference?

No matter what industry you’re targeting, with content marketing, you’re always trying to engage, interest, and excite humans. You want them to read or view what you’ve put out into the world, find it valuable, and then return to you as a source the next time they...

10 May 2022

Website interface development concept for inbound vs. content marketing
Content Marketing Inbound vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Inbound marketing and content marketing are just one example of terms people use interchangeably in marketing, but they mean different things. These two concepts share some similarities but have nuances about them that make them different. Learning what makes inbound vs. content marketing different can help you...

26 Mar 2022

Hand holding a magnet collecting and retaining its audience
Content Marketing Audience Retention: Definition and Why It’s Important

With every content marketing campaign, it’s important to make sure your blogs, articles, and videos provide helpful and informative pieces to your audience. But what happens when your readers or viewers don’t stick around long enough to learn it? Measuring audience retention and applying its data to...

8 Mar 2022

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