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macbook monitor, white keyboard, and white mouse on white table with hands on keyboard checking to see if someone's work is plagiarized
Content Writing How Will You Know If Someone’s Work Is Plagiarized?

With so many businesses in your industry or niche doing content marketing, not every topic you cover is original, fresh, or groundbreaking. But even if other people talk about the same topics, your content shouldn’t look exactly the same. There’s a difference between turning out content that...

23 Jun 2022

Man writing in a notebook
Content Writing How To Find a Content Writer for Your Marketing Needs

Every content marketing campaign needs a writer. But finding one, let alone many, to fill your content needs can be a major headache. Sure, you could hire the first one you find on Upwork, but are they going to match your brand voice? And even if they...

21 Jun 2022

hands typing on a keyboard, a cup of coffee sits next to them
Content Writing How Much Do Freelance Writers Make Per Word?

One common way to pay freelance content writers is for every word they write and submit. It’s an easy way to measure the amount of work completed. But what exactly is the best freelance writer rate per word? After all, you want to make sure you’re getting...

21 May 2022

no parking sign against grey sky that looks like it could mean no plagiarism
Content Writing Someone Plagiarized Your Work Online, Now What?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But there’s a difference between imitation and getting ripped off. If your marketing team and copywriters are good at what they do, there’s a chance that’s going to happen at least once. And while the internet makes it...

20 May 2022

man writing at a desk with a pen and paper
Content Writing How To Write Original Content for Your Content Marketing Campaign

Original content is content that’s unique and interesting for your target audience. Most companies strive to develop original content for their campaign because it provides them with a lot of benefits. But developing unique blogs and articles is often a lot easier said than done. Let’s look...

16 May 2022

neighborhood with roundabout for real estate blog
Content Writing 7 Tips To Improve Your Real Estate Blog

Blogging for real estate helps build brand recognition for your agency. It can also help you build trust with your audience when you share information they want or need to know. If you’ve found your real estate blog isn’t generating the conversions you hoped, check out seven...

6 May 2022

Content Writing 8 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog More Appealing

Does your blog seem to be missing something? Are you pouring a lot of effort and time into it and not getting the traffic you need? It’s possible your blog isn’t appealing to your readers. Without an appealing blog, you could be unintentionally turning away your target...

27 Apr 2022

Content Writing Grammarly vs Hemingway Editor: Which Should You Choose?

How confident do you feel about your team’s writing when they create content? Even with a team of professional writers, it’s helpful to have an extra level of review before submitting content. Luckily, there are¬†artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tools¬†available to help you feel proud of the work...

12 Apr 2022

People standing around a computer working on a text-based document.
Content Writing Copywriting vs. Content Writing: What’s The Difference?

Though people often use the terms interchangeably, copywriting and content writing actually have some key differences. Depending on what your company is trying to accomplish, it’s important to understand the distinctions between the two, and which one can help you achieve your current business goals. Let’s look...

31 Jan 2022

story matters on a typewriter
Content Creation How Storytelling Can Improve Your Content Marketing

Storytelling marketing is the act of telling a narrative or story with your advertisements and marketing materials. These stories grab audiences by creating characters and problems they can relate to emotionally. That emotional investment can entice them to explore brands further by reading more of their content,...

30 Dec 2021

Customer persona profile building concept with marketing team collect clients info and user behavior data
Content Creation Hyper-Personalization Marketing: Cute or Creepy?

Recently, Scott Clark of CMS Wire wrote an article discussing how personalized content online can become uncomfortable for the user. You might wonder if this is a blow-off topic, especially when hyper-personalization for things like email lists and recommended online content is so widely used and encouraged...

18 Dec 2021

Content Creation Types of Content Writing and How They Can Help Your Business

There are many types of content writing you can use to promote your business and the products or services it offers. But it’s important to know which one is right for your brand and industry. When you use the right type of written content in your marketing,...

17 Dec 2021

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