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Category - Creative Spotlight

How to Supplement Your Content with Links

You’ve heard about how a good image can be the cherry-on-top to already high-quality content. You know that keywords will earn your page a higher Google ranking. But did you […]

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6 Principles of How to Make Viral Content

What makes content go viral? That’s the question Jonah Berger, a Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School, asked himself. His research led him to a complex answer, which he […]

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Tips for Creating Content for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Customer engagement is quite a popular buzzword in today’s marketing industry and for good reason. When developed and implemented correctly, a customer engagement strategy has the power to not only […]

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Using Live Video to Captivate Your Audience

Live television broadcasting first introduced us to the power of using suspense to captivate an audience. It showed that people, who otherwise would never watch a car chase, are willing […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Wesbite Needs a Blog

Today, competition online is fierce. The content on your business website has the power to extend your business’s reach beyond your current customers. Content that is excellently prepared, researched, and […]

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7 Most Important Metrics in Content Marketing

Content marketing can be a highly effective way to generate and convert leads. However, it will only deliver the desired results if it stays relevant in changing times. To get […]

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How Empathy is Key to Great Marketing

In today’s digital world where the average person spends five hours per day on their phone, how do you reach them? More importantly, how do you capture their interest to […]

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4 Examples of Content Marketing Campaigns and What Makes Them Tick

While there’s been plenty written on what makes great content marketing, there isn’t a foolproof formula that will lead brands to monumental ROI and all the conversions they could dream […]

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9 Things Nobody Told You About Infographics

If you are involved in marketing your business, or would like to engage with your audience better through visual posts, you need to know how to use infographics in your […]

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Already Making Infographics? Consider Upgrading to Video Infographics

Tablet and Video IG

Although infographics require a bit more work than simpler forms of content, they work especially well for customer education, raising awareness, or explaining concepts. However, there’s one little enhancement you […]

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