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The Relationship between Rhetoric and Content

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Rhetoric. It’s a word you may not have heard much since your college days, and yet, it permeates everything around you, even if you don’t realize it. Maybe we avoid […]

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Updating Your Editorial Calendar

Your editorial calendar is at the heart of your content marketing strategy. It determines the what, when, and where of everything you’re planning to publish. It’s important to put smart […]

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So You Need Help With Topic Creation

Topic creation is an ongoing struggle for every content marketing professional. You need a steady flow of fresh, interesting ideas to continuously generate new traffic and keep your existing readers […]

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Community Spotlight: Why Your Writing Samples Can Put You Ahead of the Competition

Working as a freelance writer can be a lucrative and financially satisfying career, but only if you’re able to attract and retain clients interested in what you have to share. […]

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Creative Spotlight: Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Effectively Introduce Your Content

“It was a pleasure to burn.” – “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” – “1984” by George Orwell […]

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The Power of Author Bylines

Mysterious disappearances are occurring all over the world. “Published by admin” messages or no publisher at all have replaced author bylines. Many B2B companies are opting to maintain their blog without bylines for […]

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Cup of Copy: Spotting Spammers

There is a bunch of garbage on the Internet today, in both video and written format. I judge your video and written content on a daily basis due to my […]

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Cup of Copy: Sensitivity on Social Media

Airing out dirty laundry on social media has recently become one of my favorite things to read on many websites. That being said, people really need to realize what is […]

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Cup of Copy: Simplicity

Every once in a while, a new Buzzword floats to the surface that everyone uses. In 2013, that phrase was “Content is King.” Unlike a king or any feudal system, […]

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Cup of Copy: Social (Networking) Skills

There is a general consensus that Facebook is failing. Granted, as a solidly invested stock holder, I’m praying for this not to be true. While Facebook’s demise would leave me […]

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