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The Pros and Cons of User-Generated Content

Computer and Phone

User-generated content is any form of content, such as videos, images, or comments, created by users on an online system or service and made available publicly on that system. YouTube […]

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Content: Why Some Things Are Just Not DIY-Appropriate

Innovation, ingenuity, and individuality are long-established hallmarks of a successful businessperson. Usually, doing things yourself is a critical component of this profile. When you need copy such as blog posts […]

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Whitepaper Release: How to Effectively Do Curation

Want more information about effective curation? You’ve come to the right place! Download our free whitepaper! Curation is a crucial part of the content marketing process. The act of sharing […]

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Webinar Upcoming: How to Do Curation

Ever wonder how to curate content? Why does some content get shared and other pieces don’t? The process of finding and publishing relevant content, content curation can be an art […]

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Content Syndication 101

According to one estimate from Curata, “The target content marketing mix by superstar content marketers is 65% created, 25% curated and <10% syndicated content.” You know how important original content […]

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Content Curation: Anyone Can Curate – That Means You!

In the world of online marketing, curation is key. Similar to selecting and presenting artwork and artifacts in a museum, curating content involves finding and sharing examples of great online […]

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YouTube’s Nonprofit Program and How to Get Started

The views & opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the views & opinions of CopyPress. […]

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Hand Off Social Media to Your Customer Service Department

As social media evolves, it’s starting to seep into other departments. No longer are the Twitter and Facebook accounts run by a lone social manager who pours over analytics and […]

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From Social to Content: Facebook’s Evolution Into a Content Conglomerate

In the wide world of the Internet, fickle users, demanding investors, and growing technologies are just a few driving forces that perpetuate change in design, functionality, and features of online […]

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Will Twitter Catch Up in Time?

In order to survive in the ever-changing and competitive world, people and brands alike must evolve and grow from what they once were, or face the probability of being left […]

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