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Digital media assets can help improve your content marketing metrics.
Content 5 Metrics Digital Media Assets Can Improve

In a world of unlimited information, attention has become a limited commodity. Constantly bombarded with new information, we’ve become selective about what we spend our time on and what bits of information we consume. A post or a website page must really stand out to make us...

3 Oct 2018

Content 6 Effective Types of Video Content to Add to Your Marketing Strategy

Video content is all over the internet. You can’t help but see videos as you scroll through Facebook, and many instantly pop up when you land on particular websites. According to WordStream, 85 percent of the U.S. internet audience watches videos online. Needless to say, video content...

14 Aug 2018

Content Using Live Video to Captivate Your Audience

Live television broadcasting first introduced us to the power of using suspense to captivate an audience. It showed that people, who otherwise would never watch a car chase, are willing to dedicate hours to watching that type of content when the events are unfolding in real time....

8 Aug 2018

Content 9 Things Nobody Told You About Infographics

If you are involved in marketing your business, or would like to engage with your audience better through visual posts, you need to know how to use infographics in your content marketing strategy, and make the most out of the tools available. Below you will find a...

31 Jul 2018

Computer and Brain
Content 6 Visual Content Ideas to Accompany Your Blog Posts

Written content pieces hold a lot of knowledge; they allow us to showcase the author’s expertise and to explain difficult concepts clearly. They also give users the information they are looking for, which not only helps complete a good user search query coming in from organic search...

9 Jul 2018

Computer and Recording Equipment
Content 9 Tips for Adding Better Visuals to Your Content

Visuals can considerably improve the impact of content. Pages that include visuals receive 94% more views and are more memorable than pages that only include text. This is a good reason by itself to beef up your visual content. Here are some ideas on how to include...

5 Jul 2018

Laptop with Document on Screen
Content How to Create White Papers

The term “white paper” originated in 19th century Britain to describe an official government report. This authoritative and informative document relied on research data and proven facts to back up its claims. The white paper format has since been adopted by various fields as the ideal format...

7 Jun 2018

Computer Designer and Color Swatches
Content How to Choose Colors for Your Next Design Project

Choosing colors for your next design project can be challenging. Picking the right shade of a certain hue can influence customers’ reactions to your product or service. Some experts believe it can spark action, such as a purchase, and ultimately affect your bottom line. But with so...

6 Jun 2018

Content Where to Use Infographics and Where to Leave Them Out

Content marketing has been exploding in popularity in recent years, and an entire industry has risen up around SEO. As time goes on, it seems like every business out there is trying as hard as it can to get a leg up when it comes to making...

24 May 2018

Food and Transportation
Content Top 50 Free Infographic Vectors

With the improvements in digital technologies has come the ability to give visual representation to complex ideas. One of the most effective visual representations in the marketing sphere is the infographic. These simple but powerful images can deliver important information to your target audience while reinforcing brand...

23 May 2018

Graph showing percentages
Content Ultimate List of Infographic Graph Makers

Infographics present a collection of data visualizations in a meaningful way. Before you can begin putting together all the eye-catching design elements of the infographic, however, you must create your core collection of graphs, charts, and other data images. Fortunately, you don’t need an expensive suite of...

2 May 2018

Computer Monitor
Content How You Can Add Short-Form Video to Your Content Strategy

Video content has become increasingly popular thanks to improvements in technology, data speeds, and unlimited data plans. Not only is video content entertaining, but it’s also a powerful marketing tool that you can’t afford to ignore. Short-form video provides a multitude of opportunities for creative social media...

12 Apr 2018

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