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Content How to Boost Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel With Video

There’s a reason you’ve been seeing more videos over time when you scroll through your Facebook feed. Video content gets results. A study found a 135 percent boost in organic reach with Facebook posts that include a video rather than a photo. Video doesn’t need to be the only...

10 Apr 2018

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Custom Design 6 Interesting Infographic Facts To Punch Up Your Content

Have you ever wondered why infographics are so popular in content marketing? Sure, they look cool and they’re fun to read, but that’s not the only reason brands in all industries love to use them. Today, we’re looking at how these content tools affect your marketing and...

4 Apr 2018

Content Refresh Your Visuals With Animated Infographics

Many of our customers approach us and want help to improve the quality of their design content. They’ve been creating graphics, but they can’t get any traction on them. When we talk to people who have tried everything and still don’t see the results they want, we...

19 Mar 2018

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Content How to Make Your Infographic on Brand

The overall goal of creating marketing content is for the right people to see it, engage with it, and form a connection with your business as a result. A business needs to maintain its brand’s voice, message, tone, color scheme, and much more to build rapport with...

14 Mar 2018

Content Finding Data for Infographics

Infographics are a wildly popular way to present compelling data in a striking visual format. While color palette, typography, and graphic representations all play vital roles in your finished piece, it’s data that truly resides at the heart of your infographic. You can’t create an engaging piece...

28 Feb 2018

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Content 6 Reasons You Should Invest in Design

Design is a critical element in any well-rounded content marketing strategy. While text and data may be at the heart of your message, it’s the visual elements of your finished product that will have the most immediate impact. In a cluttered online space, it’s difficult to find...

27 Feb 2018

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Content How To Create Infographics Properly

Great infographics can bring a complex topic to life and give your customers a highly sharable product that they’ll rush to pin, retweet, like, and send. You can create an engaging infographic on nearly any topic, but every project of this type will follow the same general...

21 Feb 2018

Content Video Marketing Trends

Video marketing has taken the content marketing world by storm, with businesses in virtually every industry incorporating this medium into their content strategies. As new video formats emerge, viewer expectations evolve, and platforms come and go, businesses must adapt their strategies to include the latest developments in...

19 Feb 2018

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Content How to Improve Your Video Marketing

As a savvy marketer, you know that video is becoming increasingly essential to your digital marketing strategy. If you’re new to working with video, however, you’ll quickly find that it isn’t easy to create high-quality content that drives traffic, engages audiences, and converts leads. Take your video...

7 Feb 2018

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Content What Is an Interactive Infographic?

Marketers are constantly looking for the next great idea. They jump on new social networks and are often the first to explore different trends. Interactive infographics are no exception. Over the past few years, more clients have been asking about interactive infographics, even if they didn’t have...

5 Feb 2018

Content Infographic Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Infographics have become so popular that nearly anyone can create their own. Just because you can do something, however, doesn’t mean that you should. Approaching infographics in a haphazard manner without a thorough understanding of how these pieces are designed can leave you with a confusing or...

1 Feb 2018

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Content How to Use White Papers in Your Marketing Strategy

Between the worlds of long-form article content and e-books, an additional level often ignored by content marketers exists. White papers are more than articles, but they often lack the length of e-books. This gray area can leave marketers confused. How do you promote a white paper? What...

31 Jan 2018

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