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How to Make Your Infographics Mobile Friendly

Learn how to make your infographics mobile friendly

Mobile has become a wildly thriving source of traffic over the past few years, and naturally, everyone is trying to optimize everything from websites to blog content for mobile devices […]

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How to Choose Colors for Your Next Design Project

Computer Designer and Color Swatches

Choosing colors for your next design project can be challenging. Picking the right shade of a certain hue can influence customers’ reactions to your product or service. Some experts believe […]

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An Animated Infographic About Animated Infographics

Infographic Example

Is your audience bored by the static infographics you share on your blog? Do you wish your brand could stand out more against the sea of images most people scroll […]

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Infographic Design Trends We’ll See More of in 2018 [Infographic]

Infographics offer an engaging way to bring otherwise dry data to life. The massive popularity of these visual pieces has lead to an abundance of infographics littering the internet, many of which are […]

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6 Reasons You Should Invest in Design

Art pallette

Design is a critical element in any well-rounded content marketing strategy. While text and data may be at the heart of your message, it’s the visual elements of your finished […]

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A Content Marketer’s Toolbox


When the internet was still brand new, marketing professionals were on the cusp of a completely different way of targeting and advertising to specific individuals and audiences. In the past, […]

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How and Why You Should Use GIFs in Your Marketing

Peanut Butter Jar

Header Image via Flickr by Brian Cantoni GIFs have been around for decades, but they’ve only recently gained popularity as a mainstream tool for communicating thoughts and feelings. When Facebook began allowing […]

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5 Tips for Social Media Graphics

Modern business owners know that social media is too lucrative of a territory to pass up, but most who try to promote and market on social networks get lost in […]

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How to Use Instagram for Content Marketing Campaigns

Instagram App

Content marketers have mastered the art of promoting their brands on Facebook and Twitter, but some are still confused by Instagram. This highly-visual social network tends to attract younger audiences […]

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Why Adding Graphics to Your Content Is Important


Well-written text is crucial for your content marketing strategy, but you may be surprised to find that graphics are just as important as the words that go with them. Grabbing […]

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