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10 Myths and 1 Truth About Content Marketing

Myths and truths about Content Marketing

Despite the popularity of content marketing, there is a ton of misinformation about what content marketing is and how it works. As a result of all this incorrect information, many […]

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Building a Content Strategy For Podcasts and Other Non-Written Content

Content Strategy for Podcasts

Many times when people mention “content strategy,” marketers immediately think about a strategy for written content. Because of this, any other types of content, like graphics, audio, or video, often […]

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How to Set & Track Your Content Marketing Goals

Set and track your content goals.

You Are Tracking Your Content Marketing Wrong 11 Content Marketing Performance Indicators & How to Track Them No matter what kind of business you are in, there is a pretty […]

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9 Effective Content Add-Ons

Your regular blog posts are great, but could you take them up a notch with free add-ons and downloadables? These additional types of content and media make your blog posts […]

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Stop Procrastinating: An 8 Step Guide to Publishing Content Consistently

Learn how to create content consistently with this 8 step guide

Content is one of the top three ranking factors in Google — and that shouldn’t be news to you.  If you are looking for a post about why content matters, […]

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Are Your Content CTAs Falling Flat? Here’s How to Fix Them

Improve your content CTAs that are missing the mark

You may think you’re ahead of the game by having a call-to-action (CTA) in your content, but the fact is, if it isn’t actually converting readers, then it’s basically the […]

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Ban Boring Content: How to Increase Engagement Using Multimedia Content

Increase engagement by banning boring content

The average American spends 24 hours a week online, according to a recent study by USC Annenberg. That means most of us currently spend approximately 1/7 of our life surfing […]

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6 Secrets to Actually Writing Better Content

Dialogue Box

How many times have you heard the key to a particular marketing strategy is “Just write better content!” If only it were so easy. Or maybe you have heard, “Write […]

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6 Visual Content Ideas to Accompany Your Blog Posts

Computer and Brain

Written content pieces hold a lot of knowledge; they allow us to showcase the author’s expertise and to explain difficult concepts clearly. They also give users the information they are […]

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Are Chatbots The Future of Content Marketing?


Content marketing can be traced back to the early 1700s, when Benjamin Franklin began printing Poor Richard’s Almanack in an effort to promote his printing business. For many years, most […]

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