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Freelancing Spotlight | Q&A with Jessica Everitt – Freelance Writer and Coach

Learn more about Jessica Everitt in our freelance spotlight.

In our second Freelancing Spotlight column, we interviewed Jessica Everitt whom I met in the Writing Revolters Facebook Group. New to the freelancing space, she has some incredible insight for […]

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Freelancing Spotlight | Q&A with Andrea Emerson – Freelance Writer and Mentor


This is the inaugural Freelancing Spotlight column from CopyPress. My name is Derek Miller, and I’m the Community Growth Manager for CopyPress’ talent network of freelance writers, editors, influencers, designers, […]

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14 Things CopyPress Loves About Content Marketing

CopyPress loves content marketing. That’s no secret. But just what is it about content marketing that we hold so dear? We got into the Valentine’s Day spirit and asked around […]

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Whitepaper Release: The Current Content Ecosystem

Explore The Current Content Ecosystem Download our FREE whitepaper! Click to get yours now! Plenty of speculation exists about where the content marketing industry is heading over the next few […]

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Interview with Lindsay Wassell

Just the other day I had the opportunity to meet and interview Tampa local, Lindsay Wassell, President & SEO at Keyphraseology. She pleasantly surprised us with a quick visit to the […]

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Q&A with a CopyPress StumbleUpon Expert

Businesses everywhere are trying to find the next big marketing tool to take them to the next level. With so many to choose from, it may be hard to decide […]

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Pubcon Interview with Scott Stratten

In this final episode of our Pubcon interview series, we’re featuring an individual whose popularity and reputation extend even outside of the internet marketing space — Scott Stratten. We caught […]

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Q&A with a CopyPress Tumblr Expert

There are a lot of well known, mainstream social networks that are revolutionizing the business world. Amidst the big dogs of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn hides another platform that unbeknownst […]

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Pubcon Interview with Brent Csutoras

Just when you thought we were finished with our Pubcon interview series, we’re keeping it going. For today’s episode, we’re featuring an interview with Brent Csutoras. In my interview with […]

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Pubcon Interview with Dana Lookadoo

For the next episode of the Pubcon interview series, I had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with Dana Lookadoo, the Founder of Yo! Yo! SEO. In my interview with […]

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