Marketing in the process of promoting and selling your products and services to a target audience. Whether you’re making a hard sell with advertising or you’re attracting your audience more subtly with content marketing, getting your brand name, products, and services out in the world helps grow your company and increase your sales.

Business in the center outsourcing its services to other people and businesses

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Agency's Services

If you run a marketing agency, you understand the importance of meeting your client’s needs. Though a lot of agencies try to offer all...

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image for the professional failure podcast with information about Dave's episode
Marketing The CopyPress Story on the Professional Failure Podcast

Nobody in business wants to fail. But each time you fail in life, you learn a new lesson. If you’re not afraid to fail in your business, you can overcome the fear of trying new things or worrying when things don’t go according to plan. Recently, our...

6 Apr 2023

white hand holding a cell phone with a calculator open on the screen over a manilla envelope with items inside to represent the percentage of revenue spent on a marketing budget
Marketing What Percentage of Revenue Should You Spend on Marketing?

How often do you think about your marketing budget? Does your team find itself running out of cash flow quickly and having to scrimp and save throughout the year? Or is your team rolling in dough and trying to find new ways to spend your surplus? In...

24 Feb 2023

black and white logo of the razor branding podcast with a picture of copypress founder dave snyder to the right
Marketing Scaling Content on the Razor Branding Podcast

What if we lived in a world where commodified content didn’t dominate online marketing? What if people would pay a premium for premium content and low-quality, contextless content disappeared? This isn’t just a dream anymore. It’s our current content marketing and SEO reality. Recently, our founder and CEO, Dave...

25 Oct 2022

CopyPress Inbound sponsor official media banner announcing the Inbound Marketing Conference 2022.
Marketing What to Expect at the INBOUND22 Digital Marketing Conference

The team at CopyPress is heading to the INBOUND digital marketing conference in Boston. It’s our first time attending, both in-person and virtually, and we couldn’t be more excited! This marketing event is one of the largest of its kind, and from September 7 to 9, it’ll...

2 Sep 2022

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