white hand holding a cell phone with a calculator open on the screen over a manilla envelope with items inside to represent the percentage of revenue spent on a marketing budget
Marketing What Percentage of Revenue Should You Spend on Marketing?

How often do you think about your marketing budget? Does your team find itself running out of cash flow quickly and having to scrimp and save throughout the year? Or is your team rolling in dough and trying to find new ways to spend your surplus? In...

24 Feb 2023

black and white logo of the razor branding podcast with a picture of copypress founder dave snyder to the right
Marketing Scaling Content on the Razor Branding Podcast

What if we lived in a world where commodified content didn’t dominate online marketing? What if people would pay a premium for premium content and low-quality, contextless content disappeared? This isn’t just a dream anymore. It’s our current content marketing and SEO reality. Recently, our founder and CEO, Dave...

25 Oct 2022

CopyPress Inbound sponsor official media banner announcing the Inbound Marketing Conference 2022.
Marketing What to Expect at the INBOUND22 Digital Marketing Conference

The team at CopyPress is heading to the INBOUND digital marketing conference in Boston. It’s our first time attending, both in-person and virtually, and we couldn’t be more excited! This marketing event is one of the largest of its kind, and from September 7 to 9, it’ll...

2 Sep 2022

404 Maintenance Error, Page Not Found, Site Under Construction Concept with Tiny Male and Female Characters at Huge Pc related to link trust
Marketing Does Link Trust Affect How People Click Content?

Do you think before you click? What makes you decide to trust links sometimes and ignore others? The psychology behind link trust can help you better understand how to structure and share your content to increase confidence in your brand and company. What Is Link Trust? Link...

29 Mar 2022

Business in the center outsourcing its services to other people and businesses
Marketing Benefits of Outsourcing Your Agency’s Services

If you run a marketing agency, you understand the importance of meeting your client’s needs. Though a lot of agencies try to offer all of their services in-house, sometimes it’s necessary to outsource projects or tasks to other businesses. In fact, outsourcing your agency’s services to meet your...

12 Mar 2022

Woman Watching Video Course, Online Lesson or School Webinar. Student Character Distant Learning, Study in University or College. Remote Education, Virtual Presentation.
Marketing 7 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Degree

You’ve declared marketing as your college major. Now what? Aside from listening, studying, and showing up for class, there are some things you can do to make sure you’re prepared for more than just acing tests. Engaging in some of these practices can help you apply the...

2 Feb 2022

Authority Building How To Find and Build a Relationship With Your Target Audience

Finding and understanding your target audience is a major part of running a successful content marketing campaign. Not only can it make your marketing strategies more effective, but it can also provide you with information to help your business succeed. If you’re hoping to start or improve...

22 Dec 2021

Customer persona profile building concept with marketing team collect clients info and user behavior data
Content Hyper-Personalization Marketing: Cute or Creepy?

Recently, Scott Clark of CMS Wire wrote an article discussing how personalized content online can become uncomfortable for the user. You might wonder if this is a blow-off topic, especially when hyper-personalization for things like email lists and recommended online content is so widely used and encouraged...

18 Dec 2021

People stand around and analyze a document.
Authority Building Outbound Links: Are They Important for SEO?

External outbound links are a crucial factor in your content’s search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking. In fact, Databox conducted a study in 2019 where over 25% of SEO experts agreed external linking is one of the most important SEO factors. That means you want other domains...

24 Nov 2021

People working on laptops with a computer screen behind them.
Content 7 Tips For Creating Impressive B2B Content Marketing

Business-to-business (B2B) companies often use content to generate new clients by enticing other companies in their industry to partner for services. If the created content isn’t engaging, it can make their campaigns more challenging. Last week, Katy French published an article on Business 2 Community that mentioned five tips...

22 Oct 2021

People working on and creating content on a computer.
Content Why Is High-Quality Content Important?

This week, Forbes released an article by Kara Taylor, who talks about why businesses’ content strategies need high-quality content. Taylor uses her experience and knowledge to give companies a lot of helpful information to improve their content marketing and brand awareness. In this blog, we’ve given you...

15 Oct 2021

cartoon laptop on blue background with multicolored envelopes flying off the screen onto the background
Authority Building 5 Ways To Get a More Targeted Email Subscriber List

Your email subscribers list can make or break the success of your email marketing campaign. You can have the best copy, engaging calls-to-action (CTAs), and eye-catching graphics, but if they’re not appearing in the right inboxes, they’re not doing their job. Getting a good, targeted list of...

13 Oct 2021

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